Wednesday, May 28, 2008

MeMorIaL dAy WeEkeNd...

We had a very "packed" and enjoyable Memorial Day Weekend! Friday afternoon we decided that we hadn't had enough time in the car yet this we loaded up and traveled down to southern Utah to celebrate the holiday with family:)
Every year it's tradition to visit my grandma Saundra's grave and deck it out in Pink flowers!!! My grandma Saundra was the Best. She was so young when she died...and it was devastating for everyone in her family. She hardly got to meet any of her grandchildren and was taken from the earth WAY to early. I remember visiting her while she was sick...and we layed on her bed and talked about "boys":) I also remember her telling all the younger grandkids that her oxygen mask and many "tubes" that followed her around the house were there because she was secretly an astronaut and had to be ready to "go" at any moment! I will never forget 11 years ago this year...the day after christmas. We got a call that said she wouldn't wake up. It was a few days after that that her journey was over. I was so thankful that after many years of suffering she was able to go home. This first picture is of me and my gramps. I rarely get to see him...and boy does he miss her! They met when they were teenagers and started "going out" in junior high I think. SO sweet....I am excited for him and the day they get to reunite!
We then enjoyed spending time together, having a barbeque and playing games...all of us also got our eyes checked by the eye doctor (my mom's brother, Uncle Mitch) and then spend the rest of the weekend with my dad's side of the family.
p.s. Jarom's eyes are perfect...and I am practically blind...possibly TOO blind to ever get Lasik (which is on my top 10 list of things to do in this life) so that wasn't very cool.
Did I mention that it's amazing being close enough to attend EVERY single family outing!!!
Here's to: No more just hearing about it....and wishing I was there:)

Jaxson also got to play a little "wii" this weekend. He seemed to like the kareoke (sp?) part of the American Idol game. He also Loves I've mentioned COUNTLESS times...he found my grandpa's hat....placed it on his head and performed for us.
He doesn't like attention...AT ALL.

Memorial Day weekend at my house is usually full of four-wheeling in the mountains above my grandparent's...but with Jaxson we decided to play it safe and did circles around my grandpa's huge yard. He seemed to like it just the same:) I will totally be getting him one of those little ones he can drive for his 2nd birthday...they are adorable.

Kayla and Nate also came to spend the weekend with us! They even brought their pet duck...KATE. It is hilarious that they have a duck...but it really is cute and the kids loved it. Jaxson spent some quality time getting to know his one and only cousin:)
This picture (the one below) is in honor of Grandpa Bishop! Jarom's dad is OBSESSED with and addicted to Dr. Pepper. I remember when I was in his high school history class and several of my fellow classmates who were tardy and/or failing could bring him cases of Dr. Pepper to "make up" for it. HA HA!
The other day Jaxson was running around like a half-naked orphan....and I look over to see this! He had rummaged through the trash can...YEP...the TRASH...and found an empty Dr. Pepper can. He was trying harder than I have ever seen to get the last few sugary, caffienated (sp?) drops out of the bottom of it! It was hilarious. This went on for a long time. long as I could watch while my baby savagely licked a can that had been in the trash can for who knows how long!!!
I think he will love it. AND......

....the most exciting news of the week is...MY BROTHER RYAN COMES HOME ON WEDNESDAY! I can't believe it's been two years...but it really did go by so quickly and he is headed home in less than a week.


I guess that means that the hecticness that is usually going on at our house will least for a little while longer! We are busy preparing and planning some fun summer family vacations and parties. The Fun, Work, and Stress never end here....but I have to admit I thoroughly enjoy every exhausting minute of it!


Well...most the time:)

Today my sweet mother-in-law tended jaxson while I traveled over to Logan for a relaxing day of browsing a book store and getting a much needed one-hour massage! Thanks Jeri....and Thanks mom for the WONDERFUL DINNER AND DESSERT! I never want to move.


Ellie said...

You seriously have the most hectic life of anyone I know. I don't know how you aren't exhausted all the time!

Elyse said...

That's so funny about the lasik-Last night Mike and I were talking about me getting it done for my Christmas present this year. I swear-nothing's worse than not being able to see! I bet it's so great to be able to have family all around! I have to admit I'm very jealous. We have 3 more years until we can come back-I guess that's not too long compared to how long we've actually been away. I'm sure I'll see you around the neighborhood this summer! Oh ya-that karaoke picture of Jaxson is hilarious:)

The McClellan Family said...

Oh - it looks like you are having fun with the fam. I miss the family outings:( Chad in I are going back to Wa at the end of June so we should get in a few BBQs, picnics, and days on the lake before we head back here to Omaha. Tell your sister she picked the perfect name for her duck:) It is fun to hear about your adventures in Utah. Jaxson is soooo cute - Kate also has a habit of trying to drink out of my empty soda cans. I think it is funny.

Chelsea said...

love the dr. pepper picture that's funny:) and how excited Ryan is coming home! I remember just before he left and we were sitting in your family room and he was telling me how much he loved Bajio...thats funny:)

Kelley said...

I love all the pictures of Jaxson...they were cracking me up! Like him and the Mic and the Dr. peper...ALL so cute! You really do have a crazy hectic life. I need to call you except, I don't have you #. Mine is 801-392-2310. Now the whole world has it. hehe. I love looking at your blog and your cute little family! So glad your in Utah now :)

Bryce & Brittany said...

It looks like you guys had a fun Memorial Day weekend and I can second absolute loathing of driving in a car for another minute! I am so sick of being on the road!! I really love the picture of Jaxson trying to get a few drinks of Dr.Pepper! Your father-in-law is going to love his Father's Day card! Oh...and I'm glad you decided to start talking to me again...even after I voted for David Cook! I will admit though that I'm not sorry for voting for him!!:) He's amazing!:)

Suzanne said...

you finally posted! it seems like you guys had a great time Memorial weekend. better then mine anyways, i was stuck in a camper with 4 screaming kids clutched on to my son and jon for dear life hoping i wouldn't die becuz of the storm and 70mph winds that were blowing. even though it only lasted for about 10 mins, it was the longest 10 mins of my life! im exaggerating a little, but it was scary! :) jaxson is so (*&^%$# cute! especially with that hat and holding the microphone. i just wanted to climb through the computer and pinch his cheeks! sounds like you're having a blast being back home, i'll call you soon!!

Maranda & Joel said...

I'm so jealous you are back in Utah. I love that picture with Jaxson holding the microphone. He is getting to be such a big boy. Looks like you guys are having fun. I ran into your friend Stephanie that just moved into Village Green. She let me know you miss me. I must say it's weird not living at Ontario Place and having you guys close by. I hope these next couple of years are just as fun as this last year. We'll be back in a month so I'm going to call you to throw a modbe party or something! Oh and thanks for sending the rest of your tanning minutes.