Monday, April 14, 2008

when you give a kid a cookie....

Have any of you read the book "When you give a mouse a cookie..."
Sunday evening at my house reminded of that book! It was quite eventful and entertaining...ENJOY the moments of it I was quick enough to capture.
Sunday evening approximately 6:00 p.m. : Everything was fine...Jaxson was his energetic self and seeming to be FINALLY getting over his nasty virus. He was running obnoxiously around his room and tearing all of his clothes out of the dresser. The norm.
Since Finals week is quickly approaching (my husband is 1 final and two papers away from graduation:) he is very busy and is studying more than the usual. This has not helped considering Jaxson has recently become VERY attached to much so, that I sometimes can't help but feel totally devastated at how much he DOES NOT want to be with me and HOW MUCH he wants to be with his dad! Every time Jarom puts his shoes and hat on (prepping to leave the house)....Jaxson cries, screams rather, and begs at his feet to go with him.
It is so sad. The following pictures prove it....
"please dad...don't leave me here with her!"
It, of course, breaks Jarom's heart and makes him feel like a million bucks all at the same time! Jaxson then insists on putting his hat order to look just like Jarom. WHICH BRINGS ME TO MY NEXT ANNOUNCEMENT: My child's first word. "HAT". That's right.....his first word was hat...HE LOVES HIS HATS! He can now say three words : Hat, Hi, and DA DA for his dad.
I am devastated. WAHHHH!!!! Poor me.
He puts his hat on...hoping that this will convince his dad he ready to go...and completely unwilling to be left behind.
HAT! HAT! HAT! That's all I hear these days...and it is simply adorable. He will stand outside my closet door and beg to go in. When I open the door he runs in, reaches up to the shelf with the hats and cries "HAT HAT HAT" until you let him wear one. It is so strange to have your little baby old enough AND smart enough to understand things like this! I also have loved learning what he likes and doesn't. He has such a fun personality...and I just know we'll be best buds.
His dad snuck out....without him. This is when it hit the fan.....:)
This is Jaxson head-banging the ground in front of the Door. He was not happy that his dad left him home...I didn't think I was that bad?
Throwing a complete and utter meltdown fit....and throwing his toys at me.
The poor thing:) I, of course, decided that a homemade batch of chocolate chip cookies would make him feel better...because that is exactly what brings ME comfort on sad days:) I whipped up a batch...and handed him a warm one. Things got better....for a minute.YUMMY!
Followed was gulping, quite loudly, 2 sippy cups full of milk. It was hilarious.

Ya know on Napolean Dynamite when Napolean has been practicing his dance moves and is all sweaty? He goes into the kitchen and gets a bottle of Gatorade. He quickly cocks his head all the way back and starts gulping....HA HA HA. That is my favorite part of the whole movie...and that is totally what Jaxson was doing. PRICELESS:)
This is when I smiled with joy and felt like I had finally fixed all this worries and was mother of year! Only to realize....that the book "when you a give a mouse a cookie..." is SO TRUE! They never can have just one!
Our meltdowns started all over.
Except this time it wasn't for was for his 4th cookie!

After so long.....
I gave in....and prayed that my weakness wouldn't come back to bite me at 2:00 a.m. when my child spent the entire night vomiting from too much sugar intake!

VICTORY! Sweet Victory:)

What a spoiled little stinker!


The Wells Family said...

Ha Ha! I got a good laugh out of this! Because it is the same at our house. Bobby has to wear Rob's orange golf hat and he refuses to wear his own....our meltdowns are over tractors, a "specific" chapstick, and golf. Cookies always make things better! His pics were totally priceless! Sometimes we skip right to the cookie dough instead. :)

Carin said...

That is really funny. Zenock did the exact same thing this weekend. JC was so sick and was taking a nap and Zenock kept screaming "DAD!" So I made cookies too and gave one to him... If it makes you feel any better, I got the same result. haha! I love the pictures, they are so cute!

Chelsea said...

that really is funny. and at least I can maybe make you feel better to say my girls only want their dad all day long:) it is sad, and gets rather annoying:) that is fun that jaxson is starting to talk!

The Pettingills said...

Caleb and Claire both scream when john leaves the house. I think my kids get really bored of me because they are around me all day without John so the little time he does have with them they just worship the ground he walks on. Also, I learned while going to school that the most influencial person in a kids life is the same gender parent to them. So although Kids learn SO MUCH STUFF from their moms, in the end the boys in the family will look to their dads example more than they do their moms, so your lucky Jarom is so good. It doesn't matter how good or bad the dad is in the family the boys still look at their dads for how things are done. Anyway, Jarom always wearing hats totally explains why Jaxson has to have the hat on all the time. Caleb did stuff like that with John all the time but now I see Claire and I am constantly picking up shoes and throwing them in the shoe basket by our door and the other day we all came home and I took off my shoes and Calebs and just threw them on the ground and Claire picked up all 4 of the shoes immediately and put them in the basket and then pulled off her own little shoes and also put them in the basket with a huge grin on her face the whole time. She was doing exactly what I do everyday all day except she was doing it with a smile. I'm usually looking completely annoyed and growling that nobody ever picks up their shoes. Its amazing how easily influenced kids are and how much they really do see happening that you don't realize they are watching. Here's something random but funny, My sisters husband always pats her butt like most husbands when he leaves the house or when she bends over to grab something or whenever and my sister was out in public with her little boy and an old lady bent down to pick something up and my sisters little boy went out of his way and ran over to the little old lady and patted her butt and then ran back to my sister like it was a completely normal thing to do to people. Anyway, sorry for the long comment. Your boy is a cutie. Good luck packing this week!!

The Pettingills said...

That was longer than I thought, sorry!!

Suzanne said...

LOL! Welcome to my world of temper tantrums and head banging!

Marshall and Dana Griggs said...

That is so my girls. They are so spoiled only because I dont want to deal with the tantrums. Someday I will have to change this or they are going to walk all over me!

Pam said...

I liked that story! It was very entertaining to read, especially because my child is the same way. I have a hard time saying "no". Jake is much tougher on Bailee than I am. Every time he gets after her, she looks at me bawling histerically saying "mama mama". Yet, she still totally prefers him. Oh the joys of spoiled children! I also want to tell you how much I love my swimsuit that I ordered from you:)

Simkins said...


I have just one question, what happens when you give a MAN a KooKie????? Let me know I've been Racking my brains trying to figure it out!!

Thanks, Love Ya, and SEE You SOON!


tai and joe said...

Hey, I just wanted to tell you how much I love love LOVE my jeans. I hemed them a little on the bottum and they are perfect. My husband told me that I could buy as many as I wanted that he loved them too. So thanks again. I can't wait for those new jeanse to come out. Sorry that I keep telling you!