Sunday, April 20, 2008

Our WeEkeNd....

We have been busy!
Between packing boxes...Jaroms Finals.... and trying to enjoy our final weeks here in Omaha...our days have been packed! This weekend was busier than normal. I have been working a lot lately...and my Saturday was taken to attend The Nebraska Dental Conference as well. I was away from Jaxson for 8 hours straight....which was the longest I have been away since he was born. PATHETIC I know...but it was amazing how much I missed that little stinker. My friend Brittany spoiled him by taking him to the zoo and showering him in attention until I could meet up with them a few hours later. We are going to miss her.
We spent a good few hours exploring the zoo...and the weather was beautiful! I love the Omaha zoo. We then came home and spent a few hours with dad at the Park:) I was so happy Jarom took a break from studying... because spending time with my boys is my favorite thing to do.
This weekend Jaxson had his "first experience" feeding himself with a spoon. I knew the time had come for him to learn.... since he has been super whiney at mealtimes and always slaps the spoon! If I let him do it himself...he is so happy and usually eats I figured what the heck!
I have no idea why they decide one day to be independant!?! I would be fine with it and all....if it were at age 10 or something...but 13 months is pushin it for me!!!
who likes it in a bowl anyways????
This rocks!
He is such a cheeseball

It was funny to watch...and I am glad he enjoyed himself.
Heaven knows I don't have the patience to let that happen everyday!
The next pictures are at the park! Yesterday was Earth Day! No, I did not know that before we went to the park...I am not that strange or organized, we just lucked out I guess! The park was packed..complete with a live band, food booths and a whole carnival like atmosphere. I had a good few hours with my family. Nights like that are my very favorite.
Thanks honey, for taking time to make our day. Both Jaxson and I love you for it...and think you are a great dad!
Checking out the playground.
My little 13 month old could run circles around a 5 year old anyday, I swear?
And to think...Jarom thought I was going to be one of those super cautious moms that are so protective they "HINDER" their children from learning new things. Ha! Look at him now Jarom....he is afraid of nothing! (The giant blue bruise on his forehead...which I thought for a minute could be a concussion, totally proves it!) He climbs the entire playground...goes down the slides...and would rather walk by my side at the zoo (and can keep up pretty good too) than ever be pushed in a stroller! He is so active. I had at leat 10 people stop me, betwen the zoo and park yesterday, and tell me how little he looked for what he was doing! It's pretty funny...and keeps me pretty busy.
Another hilarious thing we learned about our little boy yesterday was that he is deathly afraid of grass and sand!?! Wierd...yes, I know!
He was so funny...Jarom and I could not stop laughing!!! I guess he really hasn't played on the grass much because everytime he would fall while walking...he would freak out. He would try his darndest to get up without using his hands...because HE WAS NOT going to let his hands touch that grass. The same went for the sand. He usually will not sit still for longer than a few minutes...but if he fell on the grass or sand we knew he would be sitting there for a while...too pissed off to move! Hilarous...I promise.

Dad...being a good sport....and making Jaxson's day. This kid loves his dad.
I had to throw this in. Can you believe this face???? I get this all the time....when he is trying to explain what he wants and I instead, ignore him, laugh at him, or in this case try to take pictures. This was also his reaction on one of the many time he fell on the grass and refused to touch it in order to get up!
He is crazy....but we love him:)
Jarom says he gets this face from me. I look very similar when I am angry and/or yelling I guess:)


Jamie said...

Oh that makes me laugh! What a messy little eater!:) SO cute! I love it! I'm sure it was a blast to clean up! I love the park pictures. You are a BABE! Good luck with packing/moving. I know the feeling- it's such hard work!!

The Pettingills said...

I love the messy eating pictures but hate that stage of life for kids with eating. Its so messy. I finally started giving the kids only a tiny bit of food at a time when they first get spoons because then you only have to clean up a tiny bit at a time.

Caleb was the same way with Grass when he was Jaxson's age. If he fell over he would scream histerically and then try to stand up without letting his fingers touch the grass, he would try to stand up using his elbows or if he had to just the palms of his hands. Its so funny the things that will scare your kids!!

Good luck moving this next week.


Bryce & Brittany said...

Those pictures of Jaxson feeding himself spagetti make me want to clean him up and give him a bath! That was a huge mess but so fun to see him try and feed himself! Hopefully he get a little less messy!:) The park looked like fun and I love that last picture of Jaxson's face! Priceless!!!

Aaron and Angie Olson said...

Kristin, those pictures are hilarious and you snapped some really good ones. I love the mess he made and his face that he pulls cracks me up. He is an adorable little boy. No wonder you miss him when you are away. He looks like he provides a lot of entertainment throughout your day. So where are you off to next? We still have a year left in Ohio and we will be experiencing the same sadness of leaving, but overall on the bright side you get to start fresh and enjoy a whole new experience. Angie

Chinos :) said...

UH BATH TIME!!! :) I have just started taking Reese's shirt off altogether now when she eats bibs just don't cut it anymore.. Ya this weekend was my first full two days away from her and as much as I needed the break it was like part of me was missing while she wasn't around so wierd how that works. Good luck with the packing! Little by Little