Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Little Charlie...

I am sick and totally devastated right now. I can barely wipe myself up off the floor to write this. I feel like I will never stop crying and like I'm going to throw up all at the same time! While blog hopping at 1 usual, I ran acrossed a blog for darling little Charlie Cooper. A perfectly happy and grinning little boy....EXACTLY like mine. Maybe that is exactly why this is effecting me so badly? I feel like I'm looking at my little jaxson when I see his pictures.
I have spent the past hour reading his blog...and feeling the worst pain imaginable for his sweet mom. She is a strong woman...and will be so richly blessed for handling such a trial so beautifully. I guess her little Charlie had a simple ear infection. EAR INFECTION PEOPLE!!! She took him to an instacare because he was throwing up in the night...was told to give him pedialyte and was sent home. She went back...same answer...was sent home again. Like a good attentive mother...she went back a third time....only this time he ended up in ICU at primary children's hospital with bacterial meningitis. As I scrolled through the countless pictures of her baby boy (so close in age to mine) connected to handfuls of tubes and wires....I just bawled. He is so sweet..and helpless and in pain! OH MY is the saddest thing I have ever seen. I want to go get jaxson out of bed right now and kiss the crap out of him and hold him all night long.
This poor little boy will never be the same. After reading I learned that he is still in the hospital after 3 months...and is in horrible pain, suffering seizures...and is now blind, partially deaf, and severely brain damaged. Can you imagine, you mothers out there? An ear infection!!! Jaxson got one last week...his first one...and I was scared. Can you imagine your perfect child getting an ear infection and only a few hours will never see that personlity again? He was just learning to crawl...and you can see how fun and lively he was in his little mischevious smile! This woman is the strongest person I have ever seen....and little Charlie will be in my Prayers every single night.
I take too much for granted. How pathetic do I feel right now? I am spending every single minute with my baby goes by too quickly....and you never know how much things can change in a matter of a few hours....or days.
Good luck Charlie. I'll pray for you.


The Wells Family said...

Isn't it amazing how much more emotional you are when you become a mother? I had heard about little Charlie on the news the other night. And I was again reminded of it this morning, when Pam called in tears after reading your blog. Then, of course, I was bawling. I am a worry wart...and sometimes I worry myself sick about having kids that are healthy that it almost makes me NOT want to have anymore kids. Sad, I know. I always have to remind myself to replace fear with faith. Thanks for sharing.

Maranda & Joel said...

I saw charlie's blog. It is so sad. Just looking at him breaks my heart. I think I would fall apart if I was his mother.

Chelsea said...

I spent a while on that blog the other day. SO sad:( life is short, and you never know what it has in store for you. Needless to say I put up with crazy personalities a little better that day!

Carin said...

I have read charlie's blog before. It is so sad and I can't help but feel completely helpless for his mom. I can only imagine what she goes through each day... what a selfless person she is. Everytime I read it, it is a reality check for me and a good reminder to just love every minute with my baby.

Elyse said...

How sad! Those stories truly make you grateful for what you have, don't they? While I was home last month my 5 month old cousin was life flighted to Primary Children's after being treated for RSV-when actually his heart was failing. I went and visited him-it was the saddest thing to see this sweet little boy all hooked up to machines and tubes down his throat. The next day they found out his was brain dead-they placed him in my aunt's arms and took all the tubes out and he died in her arms. I don't think my heart has ever hurt like that before. I still can't stop letting go of my kids. It totally put life into perspective and made me so grateful for the people in my life. You never know what's around the corner. Thanks for sharing this story and how you felt.