Saturday, April 12, 2008

"154" Baby....

Two words: I WON! ha ha ha.
I love bowling...but I don't get to go as often as I'd like!!! A few weekends ago we had a night out for dinner, bowling and Dairy Queen, 3 of my favorite things:)
I also got to go with some of my favorite family and good friends Brittany and Bryce! We will sure miss them...and enjoyed spending time together.
We went to a real "classy joint" as Jarom likes to call it....Wild Cat Lanes!!!
It's just perfect....clouded with smoke, $1.25 a game, filled with rednecks...hard to beat let me tell ya.
If almost every bowling alley on earth wasn't exactly the same...I'd say that I was going to miss it:) Jarom is getting tired of me saying, "oh Jar, I am totally going to miss that!" "Oh Jar, We need to do this and that...before we leave!"
I always love to see Jaxson exploring new things. He had so much fun...and was running wild the entire time. Here he is selecting a ball....
Exploring some more....he wanted to run down the lane and it was a workout keeping him from doing so:)
Jarom took this shot of me totally "killing" everybody with my skills. I used to be pretty good...but after taking a 2 year break...I'll need to brush up a bit!
I tried to hook our friends by suggesting that the losing couple had to treat the other couple to ice-cream afterwards! They didn't bite....I think they were scared!!!!
ha ha ha....
My wierd child. He totally understands what he wants and what he's means.
I do have to say that it's darling just the same.
We are lucky to have friends that love and spoil Jaxson as much as we do. Since we haven't lived close to family for his entire little has been a real blessing to me to have such great friends that adore him. It means a lot...and I will miss them. Have I said that??? I was so sad that he wouldn't get to see his aunts, uncles, grandparents, etc. But our friends have become our family...and it makes all the difference.
I did want to mention...that a few days before I
completely slaughtered my husband bowling,
we were on a walk. During this walk, we strolled past a strip-mall which included a little family- owned bowling shop. As we walked by, I pushed my nose up against the window and begged Jarom, from the sidewalk, to buy me the cutest pink bowling shoes I'd ever seen, bag (that is on wheels might I add), my own hand-fitted ball...the works!!! He didn't think I was funny. But honestly, I would totally join a bowling league. It's on my "to-do" list before I die. Have any of you seen "the Break-up"? I love that they are in a bowling league...with team shirts! I can totally see me and Jarom doing that!
Anyone interested???


The Wells Family said...

I have a deep love for bowling. Love it! Maybe it really is the gross shoes, greasy bowling balls, and moldy air?? :) I am glad that you had fun!

Oh...and I loved the venting post. Everyone needs to vent, right? I especially agreed with you on the different changes of moving. I was just actually thinking the other day that if/when I move out of will I know what time things are at, what channel, and who the HECK are these news anchors?!? Ha Ha!

Suzanne said...

Oh my god! i love that part in the breakup when they all vote him off the team and that guy is like, "i need the shirt back!" LOL! im so cracking up out loud right now! that would be so much fun being on a bowling league, if you weren't gonna move me and jon would so join one with you guys. jon's been on a bowling league before and as for me.....we'll just say im not an expert!

Bryce & Brittany said...

That was tons of fun!!! I'm still a little sad that you beat us! But I will be looking forward to seeing you on a bowling league some day in your pink get-up.:) Did you guys go bowling last night??

Brooke said...

I have not been a member of the blogging world for the longest time, but your baby is as cute as ever! Cracks me up about the bowling least the shoes were pink. That, I can pictures. I love your new family pictures (the black and white ones). Cute, cute family!

Ginger said...

LOL that is totally something Tyler and I want to do! When we first started dating we went bowling and Tyler pulled out his own tennis shoes and bowling ball. I made fun of him, but inside I was secretly wishing I had my own purple sparkly bowling ball...