Sunday, April 6, 2008

It was freezing...and raining...

This is Jonathan. He is so adorable and I just love his mom, Suzanne. I have had the privilege of teaching her at Vatterott College for the past 8 months and she is one of the brightest people I have met since starting there over 2 years ago. She is a fun student and what makes my job the best in the world. I will have a VERY hard time leaving them (my students/friends) in just 4 short weeks. I don't think I'll ever have such a wonderful job again:)
Suzanne is hilarious. She has taught me a few things...considering I am a small town girl who just moved to a big city! We have the exact same sense of humor...and we enjoy laughing at almost everything eachother says or does. I had a great time taking pics of her playing with Jonathan. I will miss them and have loved getting to know her and watch her be such an amazing mom and student! I love you Suzanne...and wish you the best in the Future! (and I promise to try and come back to watch you graduate...I have it in my planner..Sept. 3, right? :)
He is precious. Everytime I see him I am amazed at how DARK his hair and eyes are.

We loved this one.

Jonathan is 6 months older than it is fun to see him in action and think about what I have to look forward to!
They are such a cute couple.
She (Suzanne) is half Korean...and gorgeous. I want her hair...and she makes some pretty cute babies...doesn't she???


Suzanne said...

i about bawled when i was reading your blog! honestly though, i've been privileged to be your student. you are a great teacher and an awesome mother. im gonna miss you so much when you leave, but i know we'll be keeping in touch through our blogs! Thank you so much for taking our pictures, they turn out wonderful! by the way...graduation is Sept.13th.....i think! LOL!

*Harmony* said...

OMG.....these pictures are absolutley beautiful.....I miss nights so much....i'm gonna try and come visit some night once i get my schedule at work set.....hope to talk to you soon.....

Bryce & Brittany said...

Wow! Good job on the pictures Kristin! That little boy is so dang cute!!

Jessica Kettle said...

what a cute little guy! I love the lighting and color in the first picture!