Monday, April 7, 2008

Graduation Party!

With Law School Graduation only a few short weeks away....our friends Bryce and Brittany threw a graduation bash to celebrate! It seems we have been celebrating in little ways for weeks already....and the partying has ONLY begun, (but I'm not complaining). It is finally coming to an end...this being a student thing! Jarom said today as we were driving, "Kristin, I have 2 more weeks of class. 2 WEEKS. What in the crap am I going to do. I like being a student. I have done it for SOOOO long. As a matter of fact...If it weren't so freaking expensive I would keep going!"
I never thought I would be so grateful to Creighton for making tuition so expensive. I am glad that my husband will "NOT" keep going to school...if only for that reason alone:) I have loved this experience too much for words. We've grown a lot these last 3 years. That being said...I haven't loved it enough to keep it up for longer than necessary!
It's definitely bittersweet...but as long as I have my boys....the future looks pretty promising:)
Brittany did a wonderful job. It was decorated just perfectly....graduation hats, graduation wrapped buttermints, centerpeices, balloons...the works!
Here's to the class of 2008 Brittany...and to finally having a "real job" :)
oh...This is me playing guitar hero on Xbox. I will be the first to admit that I was wrong when I thought this game was for immature teenage boys:) I'm hooked...and kind of wish I was at Brittany's playing it right now!!! It was fun...and although Bryce laughed when I got booed of the stage once....I will one day rock at it. Promise.
The girls. A few of us girls had a nice time can see jaxson in the back corner....unsupervised, whoops! I will miss all of the wonderful friends that have made this experience so great.
Two of the Grads:) Jarom will be working in Riverdale, Utah...and Bryce will be working in Lovelock, Nevada! That means that if I drive really fast I will be at Brittany's house in about 6 hours...give or take:) Not quite as close as we are now...but it will take a further distance than that to keep us apart!
The wonderful hosts. They worked their butts off...and the party was a hit! Thanks guys...we had a great time and enjoyed celebrating with you:)
Brittany I'll help you pack if you tend jaxson while I It's impossible to do anything with a toddler...aaaaaahhhhh!


Chelsea said...

That is so exciting for you guys! way to go jarom:)

nicci said...

that is exciting! i'm still waiting for graduation day but its coming soon enough =) and i used to be hooked on guitar hero and then my grandma got rockband so now i'm hooked on that, i love playing the drums!

Toyn Family said...

Yeah how exciting! You get to be done so soon! Your are so tiny kristin, i am jealous:)

Bryce & Brittany said...

I'm so glad and relieved that the party went well! I think it was really fun to get together with everyone because these last few weeks are going to be crazy! If you need me to tend Jaxson a few times so that you can get some packing done I'd love to! Though you'll have to return the favor.:)

Ellie said...

I can't believe I am hearing this from the girl who didn't want to leave Logan ! See I was right, you did love it!

The Wells Family said...

I am completely and udderly jealous! Oh least YOU will know how excited I will be in two years! Congrats to your sweet little family!

Amy! said...

Congrats to you guys!! Mark is going to Law school probably in a year or so.. We have quite the long road ahead of us :)