Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I'm a ModBe Lady....Finally:)

Yay! I finally gave in to the temptation to become an official advocate of MODBE! After spending three years obsessed with their clothing and especially their swim suits in the Spring (which are A Must Have might I add)...I decided to become a consultant and start sharing the cute stuff with others!
My recent party turned out so successful and I had so much fun helping TONS of girls select the perfect suit....that I didn't want the fun to end there. I had over 50 girls come to my house...(not to mention the 25 that I helped via phone and e-mail from long-distance) and I personally gave them my best advice and serious opinion over the course of 2 weeks:) What are friends for...but to look at you, in Mid-March...when you are as white as a ghost, have nursed three children and still sporting the winter "flab" and tell you EXACTLY which one flatters you best!
I had found my calling in life...Just kidding!
I really enjoyed helping everyone...and the e-mails never stopped I listened to Jarom and made the jump! I am so excited that NOW you may call me directly or e-mail me for ALL of your MODBE needs in the future. I would love to answer every and all questions about sizing...returns....and everything that goes along with shopping for MODBE. My website will be up and running by May...but until then check out and all the cute suits for summer. THEY ARE SELLING OUT FAST!
If you haven't seen Modbe me and I will send you a catalog ASAP. I promise you will be hooked. The clothes are so simple...yet darling and flattering (my favorite bonus). I love that the sizes are built for and range from they are catered to and made for WOMEN! Certain classic pieces are always hard to find for me. For example, the perfect black skirt for church...or THE DREADED SWIMSUIT shopping that every girl loathes. Well...almost every girl...the ones who enjoy it, the rest of us hate:)
Also-the new line of Fall clothing will be coming out in July...and the first three people to book a party will receive the hostess rewards....even if NOBODY purchases or shows up but me and you:) Isn't that always the fear of throwing a "home boutique"?!? WHAT IF NOBODY COMES???? party paid off big time and I was able to receive enough hostess rewards to get my "modbe wish list" that I had been begging Jarom for for months!!!
You should consider it! Call me if you want to know more details!
Kristin Bishop
(435) 730-5092
Thanks a bunch everyone:)


Maeg said...


Bryce & Brittany said...

Yeah!! I'm so glad you're a consultant now!! I will keep you in business by myself!!:) And I will book a party in July if you are willing to drive a few hours.:) Let me know if there is anyway I can help you get the word out that you're a Modbe lady. I talked to Lexxi and she is going to look at the swimming suits tonight and let me know tomorrow.

Tara and Andrew said... they have any maternity suits:) I will definitely get one for next summer! Don't think I will be showing my fat self this summer in ANY bathing suit. No thanks.:)

Marshall and Dana Griggs said...

hey, just wondering if the swim wear that I ordered was in yet? I think I might take my girls swimming tomorrow night and wanted to try it out. Talk to you later.

Allyson said...

I wish I would have known you sold. I just spent a small fortune on suits and jeans. I also love it. Good for you!

Marshall and Dana Griggs said...

I think we are going to Coco Keys tomorrow night if you want to come. I want to go before Lexi has her surgery. I will for sure see you on Sat. night.

Chelsea said...

congrats:) that will be a fun new thing for you!!!

Laci said...

Holy Crap I think you are going to be quite the consultant. Now if that didn't convince anyone to buy I don't know what will :) I must say I do totally love the suits I probably have 10! Super flattering and I love the long cut! I'm glad you didn't have to see my winter flab/ nursed 2 babies bod!LOL- Good luck with your new adventure. I'm sure you'll be great!

Pam said...

That's co cool your going to be a consultant. I am glad I found out about Modbe swimsuits because I like how long they are. I immediatly had to get rid of my old swimsuits:) Is ModBe kind of like shade clothing? Anyways, congratulations.

tai and joe said...

Kristin that is so exciting. I will have to do a party when you get all moved and settled. Maybe for the fall line. I am in love with their jeans and pretty much everything. I was so bummed that the jeans I wanted were on back order. I am so glad your party was so successful. Sorry we bailed on you. I am glad I was able to try them on it made a big difference. So when you get moved I really want to order some jeans and a white jacket from you if thats okay.
Jaxon is so stinking cute. You have an adorable family.

tai and joe said...

I just sent you an email about the jeans. Thanks so much for your help, and YES let do a party for sure. Can't wait.

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Pam said...

KRistin! I got my swimsuit and I absolutely LOVE IT! Your right, it does make your waist look skinnier than what it really is. Now I am not so stressed about going swimming this summer like I was a week ago. Thank you!

Brandie said...

Hi, Don't know if you remember me! Brandie Crosbie now Page but yeah since you're coming to town if you throw parties for this clothing I want to throw one. I can tell you're missing Utah I don't blame you. Your little boy is so adorable. I read the one about the bruise on his head you'll have to get used to that. My Kayden is always beat up can't believe the difference between my boy and my girl. I didn't know how to get used to the roughness and jumping off my couch and all the crazy stuff boys do. Anyways, it was good to see you you look beautiful and have a darling family.