Monday, March 31, 2008

opening day....

At last. The day my husband dreams about: opening day. Today... March 31st.... my husband spent almost 6 hours watching the Cubs play the first game of the season. Along side him sat Jaxson. The only difference: Jarom watched by choice....Jaxson watched by force. :) I sure hope he grows up to like baseball....his dad really might die if not.
It never gets old to see the excitement it brings. Actually I take that back...when something I really want to watch is gets old...and FAST!
Meet Kosuke Fukudome (the picture below). This is the new "fan favorite" according to Jarom. I am about sick of hearing his name already...and I have until September at the least to endure the baseball trivia being thrown my way throughout the day.
I even woke up today to my husband coordinating with friends over the phone as to what the "password" is to watch each and every game ever played online!
They are taking this to a whole new level of obsession.....
The Following game replay is provided....courtesy of Jarom!
1st pitch he saw: he hit it off the center field fence. 2nd at bat: he walked. 3rd at bat: he hit a single. THEN...the bottom of the 9th, down three to nothin with two runners on....he hit a three run shot into the right field bleachers.
My husband was happier than a kid on Christmas. It was pathetic....and kinda cute.
I have spent the entire weekend listening to fun facts about baseball....while Jarom's excitement for the big day built. For example, yesterday I learned that the song "take me out to the ball game" is the 3rd most popular song in the U.S. Who would have thought? Then I was forced to spend my Sunday evening watching a documentary about baseball and listening to ESPN list EVERY NEW FIELD that has been built in the last decade. SERIOUSLY!?!
I even missed watching Oprah's Big Give for that!
Although the Cubs lost...all in all it was a great day!
(that is a direct quote from my husband...isn't that hilarious.)
I love making fun of him.
My boys were dressed in Cubs apparel...complete with cubs hats.
Ready to cheer on their team. I loved this one of them giggling together.

Watching in anticipation....
Bonding with dad...
For what it's worth: 3 Baseball Analysts on ESPN predicted the Chicago Cubs to win it all this year!....WE'LL SEE:)


The Wells Family said...

Classic! Every daddy needs their boy. :) Rob and Bobby are insane about golfing. They watch it every weekend together and the other day Bobby said, "Yippee. Golf Day!" And he never ceases to always ask for "Golf TV". We are really in for lot of sports fun..right?

Bryce & Brittany said...

I can't believe you could make a whole post out of opening day!! I'm impressed and I'm sure Bryce will be too! Bryce didn't even mention it to me and that really doesn't surprise me!! He is just a man of very few words and sometimes it drives me up the wall!!!! Aghhh! Anyway-- Jarom and Jaxson look so cute in their Cubs gear and I'm sure the game was very exciting!!

Mauressa Jaussi said...

Did you have this much fun with March maddness? That was the height of Beau's year. Good times. Hey, how did you do your title with the pictures and text? Do you have a special program for that. I know, I'm still learning.

Allyson said...

HOW ADORABLE. I also hope that Jaxson likes baseball...I'm sure he will. Darling pictures by the way. LOVE, love the park pics. You have to be honest with me: do I want the Rebel camera with the big lens to carry everywhere right now, or do I want to wait until babies?? I am currently camera shopping due to Kevin sitting on mine:). Let me know...

shel7by said...

Cubs fans? Oh great. Right after I was gonna ask you to be best friends. Oh well. GO CARDS!!

How did you find me?

Carin said...

I love this post! Those pictures are too cute. JC spent all day watching as well.. he even said he had a migraine and couldn't go to class... hmm? This means I get to fall asleep to sports center and espn for the next seven months hearing about all the highlights! :) Yeah...

By the way, you were my inspiration for Zenock's Baseball party. I have wanted to make him a baseball cake for forever, but hadn't thought about it as a theme. So THANK YOU! Success!

P.S. I love all your new pictures! Your blog looks awesome.

Kassie said...

Hey Kris I know its probably too late but i was looking at the swimming suits you had on there and I want one but I just wanted to know if there is underwire and if not is it very supportive? Gotta support the girls! anyways let me know! I know what you mean about opening day. Collin was pretty excited too! Although he is a White Sox fan.