Monday, March 31, 2008

i'm immunized....

This photo was taken before the shots...which explains the smile and overall cheeriness that was still evident in his expression:)
He had a great time roaming around the waiting area.....
Tried to explain what he was thinking to me and his dad....but to no avail...
Read a book with mommy....
This phot is out of order (darn it). He was examining...very seriously....his bandaid from the "finger prick" test.
Iron level...PERFECTION!
I deserve a prize.
This picture cracked me up!
When I handed him the bottle of was a mix between excitement and fear. I think he knew what was coming and was SCARED....yet, relieved to see the small bottle and the grape tasting wonderfulness it would provide!
Weight: 21 lbs. 12 ounces
Just right.
Head: 90th percentile
a little big. ha!
Height: 50th percentile
Can I have more please.....
"OUCH! How dare you people"
I swear I am worse than a child when it comes to taking Jaxson to get shots. I usually have a pretty strong stomach..considering I work in people's mouths for a living. I see people get shots in the mouth regularly. I feel nothing. I see blood and oral surgery, wisdom teeth extraction, gum grafting, some pretty graphic bike accident victims. I feel nothing.
I even THINK about my baby's leg being forced down and stabbed with a thin, sharp, metal object and I physically get sick...and pretty pissed.
At his 6 month appointment I literally felt weak...left the room...and spent the next 24 hours vomiting! Beat that. Needless to say, Jarom must be the "shots" parent..while I wait outside and run in immediately after the fact to nurse him back to health and pamper him. I love it because he clings to me....and wants me from then on.
I even tease Jarom that he associates all pain with HIM and NOT ME:) hee hee.
It's all part of my plan.
I think it is so cruel that they prick their little finger in order to test for Iron.
Especially because I have never done this! I have puposely been absent from EVERY single high school and/or college class on the day we did the "finger prick" test to determine blood type.


Jessica Kettle said...

awww. what a trooper. I'm glad I'm not the only crazy mom who stays up all night long! Thanks for the sympathy. Cute pics at the park too!

Bryce & Brittany said...

You are such a little whimp when it comes to that stuff:) and it really surprises me because you are pretty tough! A finger prick is nothing!!! You're funny! I'm glad Jaxson made it through shots day. That is no fun at all!!!

Mauressa Jaussi said...

Kristin... you're hilarious. I bet it hurts him more because he feeds off your nervousness! He's so stinkin cute! I need to get your camera. The pictures are great. Yes, I'm alive... We had Beau's parents and my parents visit throughout march, so I'm trying to catch up now. I can't believe that you have less than 100 days of school! I'm so jealous! Beau is going to get his MAC also, so we will be here another 3 years, but it will pay off. Call me sometime... we need to catch up!