Tuesday, March 18, 2008

ViSiTorS :)

Last week Aunt Kayla and Uncle Nate came to visit! We rarely get visitors all the way out here in Omaha...so it was exciting to spend time with family. We did so many fun things and enjoyed some beautiful weather!
After picking them up from the airport....We headed for one of our favorite spots...Zorinsky Lake. We're trying to spend as much time there as possible before the big move!
Me and Jax at the Lake....
Jaxson has such a contagious little laugh. It's not too diffucult to get him laughing pretty hard....he's such a goofball! Aunt Kayla was pushing him on the swing and he was giggling with excitement....

He kept laughing.....
and laughing....
and laughing.....
He is such a happy baby and I am loving every stage of his little life. He is so busy and constantly moving and into something. He has become GREAT at walking the last few days....and he really bonded with Kayla and Nate. They were so cute with him and I could tell that he adored them as well! Maybe it was all that extra love and attention:)
Kayla and Nate at the Park!
Jaxson spending some quality time with Aunt Kayla...going down the slide!
Dad showing Jaxson around the playground....
I don't think he minded all the extra attention. He is starting to become quite the little show off sometimes. It makes me laugh...when I recognize that he is being silly around other people just for a laugh. They are so much smarter than we think! Tonight I had him at my school...and he was totally flirting and showing off for my students. It was pretty funny. That grin usually gets him whatever he wants from anybody...
The next afternoon we headed for:
We spent a beautiful sunny day at the zoo. Omaha has the most amazing zoo! It is rated one of the best in the U.S. ....(I brag about our zoo because it is one of the ONLY things Omaha has to offer:) Just kidding.....
We packed a picnic lunch and enjoyed an afteroon checking out the different exhibits...laughing at Jaxson's silly facial expressions.....talking and eating! It was great fun.
Dad and Jaxson checking out the Shark Tank! One of our favorite parts of the zoo. There is a Large underground tunnel made of glass that you can enter and the sharks swim over your head..... along with sea turtles and sting rays!
If you look closely you can see a shark swimming in the top corner!
I think Jaxson really liked it....
Nate...Kayla... and Me.... on the bridge checking out the fish....
Random picture...but this monkey kept staring at me so I snapped a picture of it. HA HA!
The jungle is my VERY FAVORITE part of our zoo. There is a huge building that they keep to the perfect climate of the African jungle. When you walk in you can immediately feel the humidity and the heat. All the animals are pretty much roaming...and in an open environment for you to look at. There are hippos, monkeys, birds, crocodiles, EVERYTHING you can think of. The huge snakes and lemurs are of course in cages...but we love it in there! Sometimes I get a little freaked out...because birds just fly about your head and land right next to you.
In the Jungle!
Tourists at the Omaha Zoo!!!
Regulars (and year-round pass holders) at the Omaha Zoo!!!
Feeding the ducks in the Jungle....
My family....by the Rhinos!
Our next adventure was:
I love going to Winter Quarters and the Omaha Temple. It is such a special place. I have been there several times the last three years...and I will miss being so close to a historal church site.
Kayla and Nate seeing if they were strong enough to pull the wagon!
My bet is they couldn't even make it a mile back then.... :)

Thanks for coming Kayla and Nate. We had a wonderful time!
We love visitors...anybody else up for a good time??? You only have a few short weeks to take advantage of a wonderful vacation to the midwest!
We won't call Omaha "home" for much longer....sad!


channa said...

My email in channab7@hotmail.com and our house is in Pleasant View. I am SO excited but totally understand the stress you're feeling!! Where are you looking to buy and when are you coming back?! I'll help in anyway I can so just let me know:) We start moving in a week tomorrow on March 29! YEAH~!!

Bryce & Brittany said...

I'm glad you guys had such a fun time with Nate and Kayla. It was great to finally meet them since I feel like I already know them.:) Isn't is sad to think you'll be moving from Omaha soon? Who know where the heck I'll be!