Monday, March 24, 2008

---EaStEr wEeKeNd ---

We had a very enjoyable Easter Weekend I have to say!!! We accomplished a lot of organizing and packing for our big Move....and still found time to celebrate with some favorite Easter traditions! Jaxson was hysterical while we were coloring eggs! I have a video to prove it.
He has so many differnent laughs...I can't figure it out. He definitely has a fake/forced laugh...and a little old man chuckle at times...but my favorite is his gut laugh. I apologize that I always post video clips of it...but I just can't stop laughing at what a kick he gets out of the littlest things! The video is at the end of this post....YOU HAVE TO WATCH IT!!!! You will die laughing.
Jaxson thought the eggs were perfect sized little baseballs.... we learned that the hard way a few times by watching them fly acrossed the kitchen and shatter:)
He was so happy (like usual) which always makes things more fun and entertaining!

Here we are coloring our was quite the task to keep him clean during the process.
Daddy and Jax....
Admiring his blue egg that turned out beautifully....Until,......
He chucked it acrossed the kitchen as hard as he could! We couldn't help but laugh. I guess that's exactly what he's been taught to do with something that size!
The two of us at work.....
Jarom decided it was less messy to let him play with the plastic eggs. It was all good until he realized they were full of candy. Particalarly SNICKERS....Jarom's favorite.
The Finished product!
This picture should follow the one above: after discovering a Snickers located inside the plastic egg and wanting to eat it....his "Mean Mother" refused to let him eat it.... and well, he ATTACKED! Luckily, Jarom was the camera man...and he was ready to document it.
He is so silly....and boy does he know exactly what he wants! He started yelling at me. He doesn't cry or throw fits really...he just skipped the tantrum stage and went straight to sassy teenager. He really will look right at me and yell....never shedding a tear....and you can just tell he is trying to talk to me or explain how frustrated he is!
I tried to give him a kiss to make him feel better....he tried to bite me in return.
He did do a wonderful job on his sports egg that dad helped him with!
It turned out great...and very fitting of them both:)
He is so strange sometimes...and always keeps us laughing. For the next little while he rolled around on the ground with a bunch of plastic eggs...examining each and every one. It was so funny to watch. Jarom and I were entertained for most of the evening.....
The Easter bunny found us....and left Jaxson bubbles, treats, a baseball bat (that looks like a carrot) treats and a bunny that poops jelly beans. I was freaking out when Jarom surprised me with a new mug! Wierd I know...but look closely at the right side of the picture and you will see my new pride and joy:) Since Jaxson was born last March I have carried around a giant hospital mug EVERYWHERE I go. Co-workers tease me that it is another "limb" and people literally have never seen me without it! I have been so thirsty since the second I had him....and my poor mug had seen better days....believe me! It had lost it's straw cap (which is totally sick to not have) and I still carried it with me and drank out of it...covered in who knows how many germs!
Needless to say....It was the best present ever!
Sometimes the simple things...make all the difference.
I had the idea of making Jaxson go on an egg hunt.
Jarom thought I was nuts...but I knew that Jaxson would love it! I knew that it would only take Jaxson a few minutes to know something was different! Sure enough....he started crawling around the room gathering them up....the first one he spotted was under the couch.
*** I loved his reaction***
He is my favorite little thing on earth. He was on his tip toes...peeking into his basket. Not sure what to think of all this I'm sure! With all the holidays'd think he would be used to waking up to find gifts or treats strewn about the family room. (Christmas...Valentines...)
~Happy Easter~
We had a great day at church....considering we had to wake Jaxson up 30 minutes into a nap to go.... he then spent the entire sacrament meeting screaming his head off. Then, I had to teach sharing time...and Jarom had to teach Young Mens while holding Jaxson (who I'm trying to wean....which is totally NOT working by the way:)
This is the best shot I could get of the little man ready for church! I wanted to go outside...but it was freezing. Maybe another day:)
We did take a few moments after church to get some fresh air and play with the bubbles grammy sent us for Easter.

***BUBBLES ***
Jaxson had way too much fun for one day....and I just loved this picture of him cuddling up to Jarom! Having fun is hard work.....
Get ready to laugh at my crazy little kid! ENJOY the video~


Suzanne said...

oh my god that video is too funny! the pictures of you guys after church are so awesome. i love the one of jaxson sleeping on jarom, it is absolutly picture perfect! Jonathan got the same carrot baseball bat but we decided to leave it at jon's aunt's house because everytime he got his hands on it he would charge at someone or something and then "WHACK!!" slam that sucker down until it made contact with whatever or whoever was in the way. it was like a dangerous weapon once it was in jonathan's hands! Check out the new blogs i posted of jonathan hunting for easter eggs!

Marshall and Dana Griggs said...

That is so funny! He is so cute. Looks like you guys had fun. I just love the holidays!

Kelley said...

Love the video! He is such a cute little man in his Easter outfit. Looks like you guys had so much fun!

Maranda & Joel said...

I love Jaxson's's just so contagious. I haven't colored eggs in so long, it looked like fun! Your getting some good pics with that camera of yours...I'm going to have to get me one one of these days.

The Wells Family said...

Yet again, Bobby can't get enough of the "laughing baby". We have had to watch it ENDLESS amounts today. I was laughing hysterically myself. :) He is going to be one of those people with contagious laughs that make people laugh no matter what is going on! I love it!

He is so super cute! I love how you dress him. :) We opted out of the sweater vest at Gymboree and just stuck with the socks and dress shirt. I couldn't stand to fork out the $$$ for extras. :) Jax looks cute in his vesty!

Bryce & Brittany said...

Looks like you guys had a fun Easter weekend! I love the video! It just made me realize how much I'm going to miss that little guy when you move back to Utah! I'm so glad Jarom got you a new mug. What a great gift for you!:)

Sarah Beth said...

Looks like you guys had a great Easter!! Such cute pics and video!! What a little ham!
We will have time to post in class right?
To answer your question about my husband, last summer he was in an accident at work, a 600 ton break press came down on his hand because the guy working with him had a brain fart and hit the button at the wrong time. He ended up loosing his first, middle, and ring fingers, along with most of his palm. He has had surgery to help match up his pinkie and thumb so he is able to pinch. He is so strong tho, honestly this hasn't gotten him down. He will be recieving his prosthetic hopefully by the end of this week. I think I might blog about that, and what a life changing event it has been for our family.
Well take care! Keep on spoiling that little guy, he is so cute!

Marshall and Dana Griggs said...

Anytime you can take them let me know. I know it is pretty in the botanical gardens too. Hopefully all the flowers will start to bloom soon. Does Elmwood have flowers yet. I was thinking of getting their pics taken in their easter dresses maybe. I hope it warms up soon!