Sunday, March 16, 2008


I am having a MODBE party...because I am totally in LOVE with their swimming suits. Cute patterns, stylish, Modest, FLATTERING to any size woman!
You must check out the website: and see the darling styles they have for this spring/summer. I have had over 30 different pieces at my house for the past few days...tried them all on several times...and am still undecided because
I want them ALL!
Anybody who is interested or wants to order one...or just has questions about sizing, return policies or ANYTHING...please e-mail me at!
My party is this take a quick second this week (or right now) and check these suits out. They are built really well...super cute and stylish... modest and "SUCK" it all in.... which we love! They also have darling swim skirts that match each suit and can be worn as a cover up or as PART of the swimsuit. They are swim material so they can get case you want a little more coverage or don't particularly love your legs/butt. Let's face many of us LOVE our legs/butt area???
If you choose to order one and see what it looks like you have 2 months to change your mind for a refund...or switch for another suit and give another one a shot! They can ship anywhere...and I already have several going to ANYBODY call me.
~I love will too~


tai and joe said...

Hey Kristin, I hope that you remember me. Tai Anne "Goldsberry" Jeppson. You called when I was over at Brandon and Bridgets. She mentioned about the suits and I totally want to get one if thats okay? I'll put my order in with Bridge, or I will email you. Does that work? Let me know. You can go to my blog.

Marshall and Dana Griggs said...

Hey, that sounds fun. The suits look super cute. See ya Friday!

Bryce & Brittany said...

This is great advertisment! I'm impressed! I wish I was going to be here for the party but at least you have my order.:) I can't wait for my swimming suit, swim skirt, and skirt!! Yeah!!!

Simkins said...

LOve the suits(super CuTe)!!!!!
I am not to happy with my legs/butt area do you think that MODBOD has a suit that would "suit" my body type? Shoot me a email if you come across anything.
My email is

Talk to you soon,

Elyse said...

Hey Kristin!
How was the flight back home? I almost ended up strangling Kaden and had to hold back the tears before I had a major breakdown. Oh well, it's great to be back! I got your message last night. My in-laws are coming tomorrow and staying through Easter or I would have definitely come on Friday. Thanks for the invite though! Good luck with your party!

Pam said...

Um yes, I am definetely getting one of those swim suits! I just need some time to look and decide;)

Matt and Ashley said...

Count me in! That sounds like so much fun!
I will try and round up some people from the village. I am too so sorry I missed little Jaxson's B-day, it looked like quite the bash! See you Friday!

B&B Goldsberry said...

Hey.. I was so excited about these I told so many people and they all want to order, so I figured it would be easier to just do a party! I hope that you don't hate me! thanks for all the info on the swim suits.