Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Pre-Christmas Fun!

This Christmas wins! I loved every minute of it. My family was able to do so many things together....and my mom kept us busy with movies, Christmas plays, bowling, shopping, DELICIOUS meals and special memories. How could it be over so quickly? I was totally depressed to come home yesterday. Jarom keeps reminding me that we only have 4 months until Utah is "Home" again!
Usually I look forward to coming home and getting back into life....but this time was especially hard. Back to Christmas break.....We were in Beautiful Utah for 10 days....and our first stop was dinner and Temple Square. What a way to welcome Christmas! I would love for my friends here in Omaha to see that temple...you appreciate it much more when you don't see it that often. Beautiful! And those lights....whoever puts them up better be paid A LOT...there are millions. Visiting Temple Square is one of my favorite traditions at Christmas. My dad endured it just for me:) He HATES the cold and HATES the crowds! I forced him to do it...and he actually go the worst cold for the rest of the week. I felt bad....and feel even worse now that he has given it to me and Jaxson. We are so sick!
Us girls....I can't wait to live closer to these wonderful women!
My family. My dad kept complaining that it was freezing. It was 25 degrees. I promptly reminded him that I just came from about 2 degree weather.....it honestly felt great to me! A nice change from Nebraska Ice-Storms:)
Wahoo....we're in Utah!
We also built a gingerbread house. It was so much fun. I had never built one before. We were pretty proud of it...although it didn't turn out as beautiful as our minds imagined it would:)
In action.....
My cute family. We can't wait to have Ryan with us next year! We will finally be complete:)
Look at that Beauty! I was pretty proud:)
We played sooo many games and I have become addicted to Blokus and Wakee Six! For those of you who live in Utah....go to FUNFINITY (a game store in Orem and buy these games. So fun!) I had to drive to Orem while I was there just to buy it!


Suzanne said...

all these pictures are so cute! i love how in one of the ginger bread house pictures you are so serious! LOL! i can't believe jaxson got all of those presents! he is lucky to have a great family. i hope you guys had a wonderful christmas and a great new year!

Bryce & Brittany said...

I completely agree with you about the weather in Utah compaired to here! Utah is basically warm! I am sorry that you had to come back to Nebraska but you know that we will be sad when we have to leave!:) I told Bryce that I am going to cry so he better prepare! Nothing beats spending the holidays with our families except for living near them all year long!:)

Allyson said...

It was so good to see you and your darling, well-behaved, perfectly mannered, little Jaxson! You are so stinkin' funny! I seriously keep thinking about the "and our eyes met" story and I laugh out loud. People around me think I'm nuts. Congratulations on coming HOME soon!:)

nicci said...

looks like you had a blast! i bet your mom is so excited to have you back home soon, that'll be so fun. i moved around alot growing up and i just love being back in utah...it's the best!