Friday, January 4, 2008

I hate today....

This post is entirely me if your not in the mood to pull up a seat and listen to one ONRY, STRESSED, EMOTIONAL fit....I would quickly link to someone else's blog. That or you can read on for amusement. If nothing else it might make you grateful for your peaceful stress-free life and totally feeling sorry for mine:) It acutally is not that bad...but today it feels like it! Do you ever have those days when the whole world feels like it's caving in??? That would be today. What is the date? Jan. 4th or 5th or something? I've completely lost track. All I know is that I was having a WONDERFUL and RELAXING Christmas break and on New Years eve, approximately 6 a.m., I was rushed to the airport...whisked away.... and my life has been nothing but Miserable ever since. The past week has been SO overwhelming and stressful. It can't be helping that I have a serious sinus infection/sore throat/possible ear infection....totally nasty sickness that I have had for over a week. I can barely talk...which has made my job of teaching and lecturing a challenge. I returned to Omaha only to face the depressing task of kissing Christmas goodbye by taking down my tree/decorations, having to unpack and do SEVERAL loads of laundry after living out of a suitcase for over 10 days, going back to work and immediately starting presidencey meetings to kick of the New Primary theme for 2008! I wish I was more positive about any of these things...but listen on and you will quickly see how even the most optimistic person could be brought to their knees after the week I have experienced. Of course, I realize I bring some of these things on myself....but nonetheless it stinks.
Weeks before Christmas break I was asked to substitue teach sometime in January! Thinking it was far off and my "never saying NO disease" kicking in....I happily agreed. I obviosly was asked to substitute teach on a day when I was stress-free, happy and willing....and I must have forgotten, because immediately upon my return to Omaha I have been working 10 hour days.... teaching things such as Applied Math classes to 30 and 40 year old men. AAAGGGHHHH! Things such as dosing equations for medications, percentages....getting x alone and (FOIL) for those of you who had Mr. Hollingsworth in Junior High! Things that totally brought back 9th grade Algebra.
I WOULD HAVE rather left it in the past:)
I have no idea what I was thinking when I said yes over a month ago? I hated every second of it. At one point I honestly was standing in front of the classroom with the dry erase marker in one hand and several eyes staring at me in confusion and I thought, "what would happen if I just grabbed my purse and ran?" Instead I did something more ridiculous and just scribbled the equation on the board and quicky solved it....then proceeded to tell them that I HAD NO IDEA how to explain how I got it...I just knew how...and I wasn't qualified to teach Math!!! I then returned to my desk, frantically ate a bag of skittles and opened up the novel "Twilight", which I received for Christmas and have been waiting to read! I'm sure they thought I was crazy.....and I didn't even care. I sat there reading with an almost "I DARE YOU TO ASK ME A QUESTION" glare on my face. That was the best part of today:)
I taught from 7:30 a.m. until about 1:00 p.m. and then Jarom delivered Jaxson to me and work so I could relieve hime of Daddy-duty for the 3rd straight day. I immediately had to go to the church to assemble the entire primary bulletin board. After 3 hours, the other counselor and I gave up! The only border we had for the board was being colored on for entertainment by her cute children. My child insisted on crawling all over, wrinkling and drooling all over the prepared post board and picture of Christ that I had prepared long before Christmas. The board is scary looking....unfinished....and again, I didn't care. That is totally not like me....! I packed up my bag and child and walked out of that church! I'm still deciding if I'm going to finish it...or if I am going to leave it half done so that every sunday I can look at it and have a fun memory of TODAY!
At this point it was about 4:30 or so and I hadn't eaten all day! Starved I stormed home...proceeded to yell at Jarom for no good reason....poured myslef a glass of milk and devoured as many cookies as I could before feeling sick.
It was sometime shortly after that....that i decided to clean the house that was looking like me (the mom) had been at work all week...when I noticed that my wallflowers were removed from the wall. I immediately turned to Jarom, knowing that he was the culprit. Heaven forbid I plug in a scent that Jarom thinks stinks...he totally freaks out! Anyhow....not too long ago Jarom bought me a new dining table for our 4th anniversary that I JUST LOVE TO DEATH. I protect it like it's my child for some reason...and your not even allowed to eat on it without a placemat. He knows the rules. Anyhow....I walk over to my table where my lovely wallflower is now resting. He knows nothing gets set on the "TABLE" :) Well....long story short....the scented oil of course leaked out of the "tipped on it's side wallflower" and saturated the top of my new table. Even better...when I removed the placemat I noticed that it had eaten away the wood, varnish, color or whatever it's called and had left a huge, destroyed, totally depressing, hideous mark on my table. I tried not to hyperventilate:)'s pretty much ruined. Fun huh? Can today get any worse you ask? Oh, you bet!!!! Jaxson is screaming his head off right now.... it is 12:30 a.m. and I put my foot down and made Jarom put him in his crib without rocking him to sleep.
Moral of the story:
My husband is mad at me...I could kill him...our kid is screaming....our table is ruined....and I am overworked....AND HATE TEACHING MATH!
I hope you all have a wonderful day. Sigh:)


ASHLEY said...

I'm sorry you had such a rough day. I hope tomorrow goes better for you!

The Pettingills said...

I hate days like those. Those are the days you just want to crawl back into bed and sleep until the day is over so you don't have to be a part of it anymore but of course kids, work, husbands, everything else won't let you do it. Its frustrating that when moms have a bad day or are feeling sick they don't get a break you just have to deal with it and move on. I'm sorry about your table. We got a new T.V. stand that I love and 2 days ago while we were rearranging our front room our neighbor and john picked up the T.V. stand and didn't pick it up enough from the floor and it got stuck on the carpet and all I heard was a big crack. I about started crying right in front of my neighbor. We were able to fix the crack but of course like you my piece of furniture is now no longer perfect and I was angry at John all day. Sometimes boys are SO careless! Hopefully today is a better day, your sinuses get feeling better, jarom begs for your forgiveness (with flowers), your math classes end, and your primary poster magical appears done. Until this all happens Good Luck!!

Allyson said...

I love this post more than anything in this world. If you read my blog about how I love things that ARE what they APPEAR to be, you will discover that in this world there just HAS to be days that completely and absolutely SUCK. (I hate that word...but there was nothing more fitting...) I want you to take a minute after realizing that This Too Shall Pass:), look in the mirror, and tell yourself all that you DO do. There is something in the make-up of a perfectionist that doesn't allow yourself to appreciate all the amazing things you ARE doing. If you don't tell yourself this, I will. You can do this. You will do this...and you'll look AWESOME doing it.:) The sun always comes out tomorrow AND someone can always sand down and re-varnish the top of your table. Hint for next time: my neighbors had a custom piece of glass made for the top of theirs. I thought it would look cheesy, but it looks great and now she doesn't have stress over eating on it. (like most of us:) Have a more happy tomorrow!

The Wells Family said...

You are not alone! I had those days last weekend after a long vacation and then trying to get everything done while acting very mean and discusted with my poor innocent husband and child. Mom's are allowed to have days like that. Do you want to hear what happened to my dining tables??? First one, we were living in an apartment and Rob used my table as a desk. The wood was SOOO soft that I have since looked at math equations and other engineering crap etched into it. Then I got a new table that was MINE and not his desk becuase he finally has his own office....again, hubby scratched the surface with his laptop and then put an ink cartrage on the corner of the table and then it leaked and I have a lovely interesting looking mark where the paint is chipped off by trying to pry the ink cartrage off. Just think...soon we will both be rich wives of attorneys and we can get what we want!! :) HA HA

Chelsea said...

oh gee...sorry for the bad day! I think we do all have them- unfortunately! That sucks about your table...i HATE when things like that happen. hope today is better!

Annie said...

I sorry to hear that it was a rough day,but it is nice to know that it isn't just me that feels this way sometimes.