Sunday, January 6, 2008

Today was better:)

For those of you who read my last post and wondered if I'd given up completely...I have good news...I'm alive, AND today was better than yesterday. Nothing is better than getting a nights sleep and starting over the next day!
Today our church switched times to 1:30 p.m. Most of you are probably thinking that stinks...I, on the other hand, am so excited that I might actually make it on time now:) I slept in (me and jaxson like to sleep until about 10:00 a.m. AT LEAST) and had a much-needed relaxing morning. I wasn't onry to go to church and face all the primary children...which was a plus...because when we had 9:00 a.m. chruch they didn't always get the most PATIENT Sister Bishop:)
Anyhow....Jarom has been working tirelessly to re-stain my table to the best of his ability. It is looking much better...but he is definitely not done! He will continue working until it meets my approval:) I'm kidding!
The other counselor surprised me by going to the church and finishing the bulletin board without me. I love her!!!! I guess sometimes it's obvious when your at your breaking point.
Anyhow...I took some pretty funny pics of my baby today. He is such a goofball. He is ALL-OVER the place and is so active. Also...I had to show off his new front teeth:) He got all four in just about 1 weeks time. They are simply adorable....Big diastema (giant space) and all!
Check out my new front teeth!

This is the look I get when he is getting into something he shouldn't. It's amazing how smart he is! He totally knows when he shouldn't do something....I'll say "jaxson, no no" and he will stop....turn...and look at me. Then of course he will do it as fast as he can and as many times as he can before we can get to him! All Jarom and I can do is laugh. How can they be smart enough to tease us...but too young to know better???
The same face! He got caught in the kitchen. He is a destruction zone in there...His favorite is when he hears the dishwasher open. He can zip across the house in 10 seconds flat if he hears it open. He loves to tear everything out....just as I am putting it in.

I think I mentioned once that Jaxson LOVES to throw a baseball...and boy can this kid throw! He is getting better everyday. The only problem is now ANYTHING you give him he throws. I can't blame him since that is exactly what he's been taught!
Jarom loved teaching him how to throw a little stuffed baseball and football and now we can't leave home without it! sacrament today I was trying to keep his attention with a book (ya know...something non-disruptive and quiet) Jarom, on the other hand, hands him his baseball. I swear...the second that thing gets put in his hand he chucks it as hard as he possibly can (and it goes far!) Accompanying the throw is hugest, meanest, LOUDEST grunting noise...that sound like he's using all his effort! Well...President Rheinhardt's wife almost got pelted with his cheerio container today in sacrament....and several people got hit by his baseball before I put a stop to my "two children's" behavior. Jarom thinks it's awesome and beams with pride!
I am also excited to say that Jarom has officially accepted a position as an associate at Bartlett Webster. A law firm in Riverdale. We are relieved and so excited that we get to move back "home". We have loved it here and will surely miss it...but Utah is home for us and definitely where we want to raise our family. We are only 4 months away from graduation and it feels great:) I never thought it would go so quickly. We feel great about the decision and I feel blessed that he gets to work with other LDS attorney's that recognize the importance of balancing families, church, kids, AND work. That is not always the case at MOST of the firms Jarom's interviewed with.
I hope all of you had a wonderful Sunday! Back to work....I hate mondays:(


The Johnsons said...

I am glad that you are having a better day! I must say though that your last post made me feel better to know that you have bad days too! Usually when I read your posts I don't know how you do everything that you do! Very cute new teeth Jaxson! And congrats to you guys on the job! That is so exciting! What are you even going to do when you are not in school anymore?? We don't even know what that is like do we?? :)

The Wells Family said...

Isn't that the truth about kids? I am finally at the point with Bobby that he takes out the silverware and puts it away in the drawer (I have to rearrange it though.) And the sports thing? Yeah, my hubby is obsessed with golf. Bobby has been swinging a real kids size golf club with REAL balls all over my house for months now. Rob gets so excited when he swings real good or gets some "air" with the balls. I am trying to intervene at this point and make it a basement or outside sport because my walls, doors, etc. are going to take a serious beating with Bobby around and I SO don't want a trashy looking house!

Bryce & Brittany said...

I'm glad that you are feeling better! I hate days like the one you had last Friday! I'm so sorry that you had a day like that! Jaxson looks so cute with his little teeth. It is so crazy that he has teeth! He's not old enough.:) I am also so excited that Jarom accepted that Job in Ogden, but I am also very jelous! I need to be praying every day that Bryce gets a job also. Pray for us!!!!

Ginger said...

Congrats on returning to Utah! Tyler is going back to school to get his MBA but wants to go to a top business school. I am praying for BYU just so we can stay here in Utah... Good to hear everything is going well for you!

Chelsea said...

yeah:) thats so exciting he was able to find a job and feel good about it! I bet your families are dying they are so excited! Glad you had a better day:)