Tuesday, January 1, 2008

A Merry Little Christmas...

Christmas Eve was so special. My mom had such a wonderful evening planned. We all went to the movie together as a family...which is a yearly tradition. Jarom, Jaxson and I then stopped by Grandma Hansen's for Abelskivers! A yummy danish dessert/food....that is also one of our favorite Christmas Eve traditions. We then returned to my house and ATE again! Eating tons of yummy food is also tradition ar our house! My mom always does the whole Turkey, Honey Baked Ham, potatoes.... big meal for Christmas Eve dinner...So Delicious! She then always gives us all New Jammies.... One of my favorite traditions...my mom has great taste and always knows what we'll like:)
Jaxson opening his new jammies....

Nate and Kayla....
My little family with our new jammies.
My mom also gave us each another gift that evening. A copy of "God Bless Your Way"....a wonderful Christmas book. We each took turns reading a page. My mom also wrote her testimony on the inside cover for each of us to have. It was special. I love her for always making moments like this. She loves to create fun things that we will always remember. We then watched the Nativity Story and played tons of games. My new favorite.....WACKEE SIX! It was a great night!
The bunch of us with our new jammies....Thanks mom!
Jaxson hanging out with Uncle Steve. He absolutely loved the LovSac. I think we'll be purchasing one someday....just for the purpose of throwing him high into the air and letting him fall into it. He giggled so loudly. It was a highlight of the trip!
Showing off my new jammies. They were so darling. They had a big moose on them and it said, "Big antlers...big heart". I love them.
This picture. Christmas 2006~
This picture is random...but I promise goes along with the next photo. Over the last few weeks I have been thinking about how different this year seemed than last. Mainly because of these two photos!!! Last year (the above picture) is what I saw when I looked down. This year (the below picture) is what I usually see when I look down. I wouldn't turn back time for anything:)
This picture. Christmas 2007~

These next few pictures are out of order! After all his new toys....jaxson would rather play with the remote. Figures.
Christmas at grandma Bishops!
Playing with Uncle Jashon and Grandpa Bishop!

CHRISTMAS MORNING! (can you tell by our scary faces and hair????) Jaxson looks so stunned because he usually doesn't wake up until around 10:30 a.m. every morning. I am so lucky! Anyhow....we had to rip him out of bed at 8:00 a.m. because we were going to call my brother Ryan who is on a mission in Madagascar! We usually talk to him for 3 hours....so we had to have all the presents opened and breakfast cooked by 10:00. Kind of early for us all...but so worth it.
This picture made me laugh. He was soooo tired!
Jaxson's stash. He was spoiled.

Talking to Ryan was the best! Maybe because the next time we talk...I will be asking what time he wants me to pick him up at the airport!?! WAHOO. I can't believe time can fly that quickly. We will move home in May...and only a few weeks later Ryan will come home as well. Stephen will be used to the house alone....but I'm sure won't be opposed to the crowd! We are a very close family and love to spend time together. It was good talking to you Ry....We love you:)

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Bryce & Brittany said...

What a fun Christmas! I love the picture of Jaxson with his surprised/pissed look on his face!:) Ask Natalie and Chris if they have room for Bryce and I next year!! We need a new wardrobe!:)