Monday, November 26, 2007

Thanksgiving Day!

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving! It has become tradition since moving to Omaha to have Thanksgiving Dinner with a group of Law students and their families. I absolutely love it and am going to miss it! This was our last one...Joel and Maranda were nice enough to host at their apartment! This picture is of my friends Brittany (3rd year law) and Maranda (1st year law) and me. I look pretty scary actually. Jaxson is teething and I'm suspecting an ear infection as that has meant for some pretty late nights and mid-night nursing sessions! I'm so TIRED! It was a fun day though....

Jarom always amazes everyone with his "mashed potato volcano". It seems the group looks forward to seeing him create one and then completely devour it every single year. Sick! I hate men....they can eat like that and it doesn't matter:)

Jaxson loves other babies. I keep begging Jarom to give him a little brother...but Jarom refuses. This other baby is name Rain. He is adorable and jaxson kept trying to love him and attack him! It was so cute.
YUMMY! Jaxson's first taste of mashed potatoes!
One of the tables. This is Brittany and Bryce. She has been my best bud since we moved here 3 years ago. I walked into a job interview (at a dermatology office) after living in Omaha for only 3 days and she was a nurse there. In my interview I told the doctor that I just moved from Utah, my husband started law school on monday, and I was mormon! He laughed (he's a jew) and then called for Brittany! It was love at first sight...ha ha ha! She had only been working for a few days and had just also moved from Utah and was mormon! Bryce then met Jarom on the first day of school and we've been a pair ever since. I'm so thankful to experience this hard, exciting, stressful and emotional few years with somebody who knows exactly what I'm going through!
More please.....
Going through the ads....Yep, me and brittany were at Kohls at 4:30 a.m. Can you believe it? It has also become tradition and she promised to fly to Utah next year and shop again....I have to go with her! Just another thing that will make me bawl when I have to leave. I have made so many traditions while being here. We then hit Target (where brittany had to remind me to stop running so I didn't get escorted out by a security gaurd) and then our list of other stores. We get serious about it! We actually plan out times we can be in each store and WE CANNOT GO OVER. This way we make it everywhere we want to go. You should have seen the deals I got....I felt like I was practically stealing:)

Happy Thanksgiving!


Suzanne said...

Whatever! that was way more than two or three pictures! it looks like you guys had fun on Thanksgiving. That mashed potatoes volcano was CAJUNGA!!! (that means huge!) i can't believe he's so fit and is able to scarf that much food! And 4:30 in the morning? your nuts!!

I miss being in your class! :( i have to yell at myself in my head so i won't go next door every five minutes to tell you a story about Jonathan or something funny that happened in my day. it sucks super bad! i miss you guys so much! i would take A & P all over again if i could. i feel like i haven't talked to you in decades!! i have so much to tell you and we never have time to talk! AAAHHHHH!!!

Jamie said...

Looks like you had fun! Jaxon is just growing right up! He's looking so big! You are so good to have gone shoppin so early. I just can't get myself to be a Black Friday shopper yet. Maybe one day...I do love a good deal;)Cute pics!

Bryce and Brittany said...

Kristin, You kill me! I seriously laughed out loud reading your new post. I don't think it's very nice to say "he's a jew" but ask Jarom. Let me know what he says.:)

The Wells Family said...

As much as I love a good deal...I still can seem to drag myself into a tornado of people. I get sensory overload and WIG OUT! I am glad that you had a good time, though. Reap the benefits, girl!
What a fun Thanksgiving it looks like you had! I wish our law school was like sounds so "close". Rob is really close with his classmates, but we all live so far away from each other that it is hard to do things together and everyone is SOOOO different! I am glad that you have had such great memories! What is the status for jobs/moving?? :) :)