Wednesday, November 28, 2007

He can Stand!

I am amazed at how fast they grow!!! I am loving it and hating it all at the same time. It is so fun to see their little minds working and watch them figure out new things....but this child would lay wherever you left him, couldn't move, and would tip over when sitting alone ONLY 2.5 months ago! How does this happen? I think it's some cruel way of making you want to have another baby quickly....because I already miss so many of his phases. Some of those phases seemed to only last a week. For example: He learned to sit-up and I was totally loving it...but before I got to enjoy it....and only 2 weeks later he could crawl. He could crawl for only 10 days when he started pulling up on furniture and NOW is trying to climb out of his crib! What in the.....?????

Anyhow, Jarom took this little video clip of him cruising around the end table on sunday afternoon! He is also putting a dent in the side of it with a coaster....(just like a dad (or man) to watch him hit my furniture repeatedly and not do anything about it!).


Chelsea said...

ha ha! I loved how he would hit the table then look back at jarom...they know what's naughty and love the reaction...unfortunately that too never changes! It's hilarious to me because Hallie and Lauren will tell each other NO to naughty stuff, then join in on the fun. It made me sad watching your video seeing a little boy I don't even know. Glad you'll be moving back soon:)

Suzanne said...

LOL! it's funny to hear jarom in the background saying "JAXSON! What are you doing?" and jaxson turning around looking at him like "what does it look like im doing? Duh Dad!" he's gonna be cruisin' around the whole place soon!