Saturday, October 13, 2007

Tagged by Jamie:)

5 Things I was doing 10 years ago:
1-I was 13. What grade is that? I really don't know. Probably studying for the spelling Bee....I thought winning the spelling Bee would be the COOLEST anywhere from 4th grade through 7th.
2-Collecting "Precious Moments" statues. I loved them and remember my mom buying me one for winning the spelling Bee....HA HA HA!
3-Working at the big "shoe sale" at my parents old store...CHRISTENSEN'S. That was so much fun...I felt so I had a REAL job.
4-Lots of Dancing!
5-Spending lots of time with my family. We loved to go camping and four-wheeling back then. We NEVER missed the Elk Hunt at my house. No lie. We seriously have Flourescent "hunter's orange" sweatshirts with a "deer emblem" and the logo "Forsyth Family Deer Hunt" on them. Those were the days.....
5 things on my to-do list:
1-Attend Stacie Ellison's Baby Shower.
2-Take Jarom to the airport (he's leaving for Utah for a whole week:(
3-Scrub bathroom!
4-Scrapbook Halloween cards....and jaxson's first "food/meal" pages!
5-Go to Nobbies and buy wings and a wand to complete my Halloween Costume. I'm going to be the Tooth Fairy:) Since I have to work on Halloween night...I'm making my students dress up. I am a dental assisting it fit. (pictures to come...promise)
5 things I would do with a million dollars:
1-Pay Tithing.
2- Purchase a NICE HOUSE and a Hummer. I know...wierd. But I want one really bad.
3-Vacation with my husband and family.
4-Save for future children and Mission funds and College.
5-I'm sure after those 4 it would gone.
5 things I would never wear again:
1-Several pairs of Different colored socks rolled down...but layered the opposite on each leg. (I think that was 4-5 grade.)
2- Enormous bows.
3-A side ponytail...from looking at pictures it was obviously one of my moms favorites on me.
4- Huge glasses. I still am mad at my mother for that. Seriously...that was soooo rude.
5-Bodysuits!...I didn't know they still made these...but the other day I was shopping for "shades shirts" and Shades honestly makes bodysuites, FYI.
5 favorite toys:
1-My BOB (the best jogging stroller ever!)
2-Jaxson's swing and jumperoo (only reason I EVER get to scrapbook)
3-My collection of Stampin-Up!
4-My Computer: Jarom thinks I'm a blog "addict"
5-My Kitchenaid (not very original...but I love using it to bake...then sit and eat everything I've made).
5 friends I'm tagging:
1-Marcie Simkins
2-Suzanne McGinnes
3-Ginger Gunnel
4-Caramie Toyn
5-Deb Wells


The Wells Family said...

I will work on the tag thing very soon! Thanks for the advice with the fluoride...I guess I should have asked my ped. My dentist has checked him out a sec, but won't see him until he is three...just brush twice a day. It is okay...but he is still very sparce with his teeth. :) And don't you worry...I am a FREAK with teeth! It is okay..because my dentist is really anal so we work well together when it comes to cosmetic reasons. I even made my hubby go in this summer to get venear caps on his front teeth! Yes...we can be teeth freaks together. :)

Suzanne said...

I've never been tagged before! I'm kind of clueless on what to do, but I'm assuming i just i list my "5 things". I don't know who i'm gonna tag cuz i have no blog friends!