Sunday, October 14, 2007


Jarom left us for Utah this weekend. We are so lucky to have had some law firms in Utah call jarom and want to interview him for a position. We are missing him so badly but are super excited for grandma Nat to come tonight and visit. My mom is spending the week with us and we can't wait! (jaxson and daddy time...just before the airport!)

Just some snapshots of me and jax playing around! He is so funny and I just love his laugh and his big grin. He is also ticklish and LOVES to be thrown it makes for some pretty fun times at our house:)
I laid him on my legs and bounced and bounced them in the air....he thought that was pretty cool.

I also throw him in the air right above the couch and let him fall onto it. He thinks it is the greates thing on earth! So funny to watch.
You can tell by the expression on his face what he thinks about being thrown into the air. He giggles so much it's hard for him to catch his breath.

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Suzanne said...

That sucks jarom had to leave, and we can't hang out cuz of stupid school rules. at least your mom will be here to keep you company. see ya monday!