Friday, October 12, 2007


Meet the Nielsen's! These are some of the sweetest and cutest little girls you will ever lay eyes on. This is Grace, Gretchen, and CharlieAnne Nielsen! They are 3 little girls in my primary out here in Omaha and I am good friends with their mommy, JENN. She is one of those women who is SUPER- talented and darling in every way. A few months back I did a show with her....we sold infant and children jewelry and accessories. Now...I KNOW that Millions of places out there sale things of this nature....but I am telling you....IF YOU HAVE A LITTLE GIRL...this stuff is for you.
Jenn has been working on this business for years now and it is amazing, quality stuff that will make your heart melt. She just got the website up and running, her trademark on her name, etc. She is detail oriented in every way...and since opening, the site is SO BUSY she can hardly keep stocked. I'm positive "Big Fat Baby" will be the NEXT BIG THING. She's working right now on getting into cute baby boutiques and stores out here. You are going to love her stuff. Another thing I simply love about her work is she has created a line of Jewelry named after each of her darling girls. There is the CharlieAnne collection....(beatiful sterling silver, classic, ball bracelets...similar to those at Tiffanies...except tiny and adorable). The Grace collection...(a beautiful arrangement of pearls and crystals!) and you will definitely see Gretchen modeling several types of wrist-candy! She is the middle child and Spunky as can be. I just love her little sassy personality for 4 years old. Below you will see them modeling a line of Hairbows, headbands and accessories galore.....!
Left: Grace, Middle: Miss CharlieAnne, and Right: Gretchen
Grace Collection!

Wrist-candy collection!
The Belle Collection....the sweetest little anklets with bells so when your baby girl starts walking you will hear EVERY place she goes and every step she takes.
Photogenic miss Grace....she loves horses. She has the CharlieAnne collection on I think:)
Happy Shopping!
p.s. It is a great idea for baby gifts, christmas, etc. Everything comes wrapped to perfection in it's little leopard print box and labeled "bfb baby"! job is to come up with the stuff for Boys! She has three girls and is surrounded by flowers and polka dots! Keep checking her site because in the next few weeks you will see HUGE additions. The cutest bibs, burp rags, diaper and wipe holders, mommy covers, the list goes on! SUCH SUCH SUCH CUTE STUFF...have I said that yet?

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Claire Kennedy said...

Your children are so cute. How is the weather in Omaha? I miss my fair city a great deal.