Sunday, October 21, 2007

Tad the singing Toad!

Does it get cuter than that? My mom totally spoiled jaxson while she was here visiting! Every store we went into she would hold up a toy and ask him if he liked it. If he laughed or smiled (which HE is always doing)....she would say...."Oh! He likes it!" and put it in the cart. That how we got "Baby Tad the singing Toad"! Jaxson is playing with him right this second. He is adorable. He sings several songs...teaches the ABC'S and has nightime settings to help get him to sleep too! Just another thing he get's excited about. I love it:)
He was having the funnest time playing with Tad....I looked down and he had rolled over and they were head to head. (I did not position this pic believe it or not!) Their faces look the exact same...Mouth and all and I thought it was the cutest thing ever.

My new toy:)
Daddy's going to be surprised when he comes home...because Jaxson is crawling!!! Only a few steps...but he immediately gets into this position when placed on the's only a matter of days (maybe even hours) until I must babyproof my house! aaaggghhh!
See...there he goes!
Scrunched nose smile....I just love it!


Suzanne said...

OMG..i just want to pinch his cheeks! after you child proof your house, he'll be crawling everywhere and you'll realize your house wasn't child proofed enough!

bmjaussi said...

Don't you just love when the grandparents spoil them! His hat is adorable! My parents are coming to visit this weekend and I'm so excited! It's amazing how fast the babies change, so I get so anxious for them to hurry and get here before they miss too much more! Isn't it crazy that your little boy is crawling already!?

Tara said...

How fun to have your mom come visit! You guys looked like you had a blast. Your baby is as cute as ever...