Sunday, October 21, 2007

Grandma's visit!

This past week was wonderful! I forget that the first things I post go on as you scroll will hear me say that a hundred times! It is so true! We missed jarom to death and are so glad to have him home...but having grandma to ourselves for an entire week was WONDERUL!
We did a lot of Christmas shopping and found Jaxson SO MUCH fun stuff! We also took Jaxson to Vala's Pumpkin Patch, ate SO many good meals: Old Chicago, The Cheescake Factory, Jason's Deli (twice), Chili's (for the chips and salsa of course:) We played and watched movies....we took jaxson on walks and had such a special time. I think jaxson especially loved it because he doesn't get to see his grandma very often unfortunately! Jarom is back from Utah...and the initial "networking" and "job hunt" went I am excited to announce that We will most definitely be coming back to Utah! We won't decide anything for sure yet....but he has a few options and offers....and we are hoping that in the coming months more opportunities will present themselves. This is such an exciting and overwhelming process! I guess it's a bit early to say where we'll end up for sure....for the right price :)...I may stay here for a bit longer! It will be bittersweet to leave our family and friends...but super nice to finally be graduated and moving on! My friend Brittany said it best the other night when she said, "and to think we WANTED THIS". (school to come to an end she meant). we want to stay near eachother time changes things. It will be so wonderful raise our children with family around....and we can't wait until MAY! (if you haven't noticed I made jarom a little Chicago Cubs graduation countdown on the side of my blog to make him feel included in my BLOGGING addiction:)
Getting ready for ANOTHER day of shopping with the girls! He is so much more happy than his dad....when shopping is brought up.

Chili's! This was jaxson's first experience in a high chair instead of staying in his carseat and sitting in one of those slings! I about died laughing. He was just loving it....and luckily I had my camera in my diaper bag. I was so glad to have my mom here....because I get so caught up in him being my baby that I forget about things like LETTING him sit in the cart instead of his baby carrier at Costco....or a high chair at dinner! It didn't even occur to me....and it kind of makes me want to cry.
Grammy and Jaxson at Chili's. "ummmm...what to order?"
Starting him out early on chips and salsa! Jarom is addicted to it and it's kind of rubbed off on everyone in my family! Jaxson thought they were pretty great!
Everyone in the restaurant loved him! He looks SO tiny just sitting up all big in a high chair. A baby his exact size was sitting on the table acrossed from us in his carseat/sling thing....and I just laughed at the thought of my little crazy boy sitting still like that! He is everywhere and so BUSY! He has to be holding things, exploring, or moving around all the time. I hope this means he is Ahead for his age, instead of just hyperactive:)

Out to lunch with the girls!


Kassie said...

He is getting so big. When is his birthday? That's exciting that you guys are planning on coming back to Utah!! Good luck with the job hunting.

Suzanne said...

Jaxson looks so cute in that big high chair!! By the way...i'm NOT excited for you guys to be moving back to Utah! but i'm glad you'll be closer to your family. that's what matters most and im sure it will be great for jaxson to be around is grandparents!

The Wells Family said...

So cute! Could it not be any more fun to dress a little boy? I love it! His hat is too cute for words. :) I am glad that you had fun with your mom. Isn't it funny the things we do for our mom's? I just barely started putting Bobby in the shopping cart (not mention just starting to bring him to the grocery store with me!). My mom thought I was crazy and neglecting my child from seeing the world. :) Don't you worry...I am armed with antibacterial wipes for any trip to see the world! Congrats on a move back to Utah! Which law firms does he hope to work with?? What kind of law is he practicing?

Brooke said...

Training him young! Chilies -- my favorite. Cute pics! Looks like a fun visit...

thepettingills said...

Hey Kristin, this is Erin Pettingill or Erin Morrill whichever you remember. I just totally randomly found your blog through like 5 other peoples blog and was excited to see some pictures of your cute little family. My mom told me you had had a baby but I didn't realize how old he was getting. He is so cute. When was he born? Anyway, I just thought I would say hi. If you are ever bored you are welcome to look at my little blog. Its not very exciting but you can see some pictures of my kids. It's