Saturday, October 20, 2007

Vala's Pumpkin Patch!

Next to taking Jaxson to Disneyland for the first time....Vala's Pumpkin Patch was the highlight of my life thus far! Ha Ha....Those who know me, know I tend to exaggerate. I like to think it's because of my Intense excitement about anything to do with "holidays", "traditions", or my Sweet little boy jaxson, but maybe it's just my personality...who knows! But, I really felt that way. Having my mom there with us made it that much more special. Experiencing things like this with a child is the best thing ever. I love how excited he gets over all the little things and how everything is so new.
You will notice his big grin or his constant giggling throughout the pictures. I just love him and feel so lucky! Everywhere we went for the entire week (me and my mom) people would just laugh and stare and him and tell us how "happy" and "funny" he was. He just loves to laugh....and is such a joy!
He thought sitting in this pile of pumpkins was the best! He was fascinated by them....and loved playing with them and holding them.
Grammy and Jax...
I think he found the one he likes.....Just his size! SO cute!
yummmmmm......DIRT! He liked sucking the dirt off of the Gords!
I absolutely love this picture to death. My mom wanted to get a picture of jax by this pumpkin because it kind of looked like he was laughing and scrunching his nose and jaxson ALWAYS scrunches his nose while laughing or smiling. (My student Suzanne told me the other day that he gets it from me....and I did't believe it until I saw this picture.) Jaxson and I are both laughing at each other.....and as you can see... we both have scrunched noses! Or should I say...all three of us do (mr. pumpkin, mommy and jax:)
Watch out! His first time behind the wheel of a John Deer Tractor!
Selecting the perfect pumpkin....

Grammy, me and jax on a hayrack ride through the pumpkin fields to choose our pumpkins! Fun!
Look at the hundreds of pumpkins behind us!
Grammy laughing at jaxson. He is always talking away and just giggling. I thought this was so cute....because she just can't get enough of him!
Petting all the animals on the pumpkin farm! They had goats, llama's, a camel....pigs, bunnies and tons more! Jaxson loved it!
Petting the baby goats!
hee cute family!
First trip down a was hooked to a cute little John Deer Tractor!
I think he knows giggling gets him a lot of positive he just keeps doing it all day long!

So much fun! We can't wait until next year.
Vala's is one of the best places on earth this time of year. It literally has a map and hundreds of attractions (almost like an amusement park...but for Fall activities!). We had a blast...and of course have SO many pictures it's crazy. Jaxson got to choose a little pumpkin and we all went on a hayrack ride out to the pumkin field. We stopped at the bakery and had some wonderful soup and breadbowls....then later a Funnel Cake...and stopped at another little boutique to take home so Homemade Fudge...YUM! It has several shops and restaurants within the Park. We watched Hog Races, walked through the apple education barn and Would HAVE EATEN a turkey leg if we could have held an ounce more food! I will remember it forever!

p.s. There is a little + and - sign on the bottom left of the slideshow that will make it go faster or slower. I was getting annoyed watching them so slowly.....hit the plus a few times and they fly by!


Suzanne said...

FINALLY!!! i was dying to see thos epictures! it looks like you guys had a blast. Jaxson is too cute, especially when he was on the pumpkins. he was cracking up! im so glad you had a great time there with your mom.

Jamie said...

Fun!! It's always a good time when grandmas are around! I bet it is hard not being around her alot. Your mom is so cute! And...I was going to tell you awhile ago, but I really think he got the scrunch nose from YOU! I've seen it! It's so cute! Like mother like son!:)

Chelsea said...

what a party! looks like you had so much fun, and I'm sure your mom was devastated leaving!!! Thanks for the cute halloween card & picture:) Jax is getting big, and he is SO cute!

channa said...

What a little babe!! Jaxson is so dang cute and he is getting so big! AND I want to know your secret on being so skinny! Seriously...whats your trick? Also, I totally know how you feel about moving back to Utah. Its so hard to leave the life you've made out there but at the same time its good to be back by family and old friends! Such a double edged sword!