Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Tagged...by Chelsea and Brooke!

It's been a while since I was tagged, but...now that I'm a mom I never take more than 5 seconds for myself...let alone enough time to ponder what perfumes I "used" to wear and what movies I would watch (if I had the time!) I guess completing this tag will allow me to ponder the things I used to really enjoy....ha ha ha:)

Jobs I have had:
1-Front Desk Receptionist for Dr. Joel Schlessinger Certified Dermatologist and Cosmetic Surgeon...(totally sucked!) To many vain people....
2-Dental Assistant
3-Dental Assisting Instructor at Vatterott College
4-Sales Representative for Bride and Groom Marketing
Movies I could watch over and over:
1-"The Office" Season 1&2
2-Air Force One (I know...so wierd...but true)
3-Bandits (good one:)
4-Anything with Owen Wilson...(besides Zoolander...so so stupid)
Guilty Pleasures:
1- Homemade Oreo Cookies (I can honestly eat the whole batch...and have before:)
2-Oreo shakes from ANYWHERE...Dairy Queen, McDonalds, Sonic...doesn't matter...I'll eat it.
3-Sitcoms..."The Office" or "King of Queens"
4-"Flip that House" on TLC....I am addicted!
Favorite Perfumes:
1-Shouldn't be so hard...but don't wear it much!
Places I have lived:
1-Brigham City Utah
2-Logan Utah
3-Omaha Nebraska
First thing I thought when I met my Jarom:
1-Beautiful Eyes:)...little freckles around the corners of them...
(I studied them carefully during freshman Chemistry at Utah State...7am)
2-ALWAYS smelled good, was chewing gum, and wearing Natural Ice chapstick...VERY PREPARED!
3-So sweet and great testimony...
4-Such a Quiet Confidence about him...
5-Never had to be "center of attention"...big turn on!
Favorite Foods:
1-See "guilty Pleasures" Oreos( the cookies) and Oreo Shakes!
2-Rainbow Chip cupcakes...I love the frosting with little colored things in it....so much more fun:)
3-Chicken Salad at good old Famous Daves BBQ...YUM!
4-ANYTHING from Jason's Deli
I'd rather be:
1-On a cruise with jar
2-In Hawaii with jar
3-On maternity leave!
(and not have to work tomorrow:)
4-In Utah!
I am going to Tag 5 buddies....(be more prompt than I was at doing this:)


Chelsea said...

good job:) i knew most of those things about you...although i thought you and jar loved zoolander? maybe just he did? can't remember...

Brooke said...

From one Oreo lover to another...have you tried the mint ones?