Tuesday, August 28, 2007


This is most likely my last post for a bit....cuase' I'm headed to UTAH! ~Wahoo~ When I come back I should have TONS of great pictures. I am really excited to see my family and throw Kayla a bridal shower, be there for her bridal pictures and of course, give the OK on all the decor and arrangments:) We were soooo excited to see Jarom on sunday when he returned from DC. He enjoyed his time with his brothers and parents and I'm happy to report hit the Game-Winning Homerun! He is such a stud....HA HA HA~ I guess it was totally worth flying cross-country for a little old softball game. He has this fun sense of humor that made me fall in love with him (but that others never get to see because he is ULTRA-shy) Example: After he got home he put is arms up and said, "I can't help it....I'm just THAT good!" He is a LITTLE confident about his baseball abilities...but I guess that's a good thing. After his intense obsession with it for over 20 years it would be a shame if he totally sucked at it!:)
This is jaxson helping jarom with his law studies. Maybe he'll want to a be a lawyer too...who knows?!? They're trying to get in all the "father-son" time they can handle because I'm taking little jaxson for 10 DAYS and I'm sure Jarom is going to have "jaxson withdrawals". Update: Jaxson is getting more and more mobile. That kid can officially roll over and over! he has conquered from back to tummy this past week...which makes me happy. He has been going from tummy to back for over a month! Now we are working on sitting up. Although, I'm ok with not having him "grow-up" too quickly. Jarom on the other hand thinks my intense "mothering" is going to hinder him! HA... We'll see who wins that fight!:)
see ya for now...I sure hope to see some of you!

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Jessica Kettle said...

Have fun in Utah! Hopefully we'll run into eachother at Peach Days! Haha!