Tuesday, August 7, 2007


My baby is 5 MONTHS OLD TODAY! I have been dreading starting the "food" thing with him...becuase that meant in my mind he was getting big...so I told myself that on his 5 month...I would do it....and We Overcame our fear! HA HA
Jaxson really enjoyed it...and gobbled it all up! He kept ripping the spoon out of my hands...and sticking it right in his mouth himself. I'm guessing he's going to be a very independent little spirit:) That, or just incredibly talented...and coordinated! aaagghhh! (Everything he does...I get so proud of, I joke with Jarom by saying..."that means he is going to be smart!") I'm sure all the other proud mommies know what I mean:)

"She just isn't doing it fast enough!"
I'm wierd but I was also really excited to use one of the thousands of bibs that have yet to be opened! I have several that were hand-made for me by friends here in Omaha...and I couldn't wait to use them!

"That was awesome...I don't know why my mom was so nervous?"
p.s. I can't imagine his first day of kindergarten....I'll need pills:)


*Harmony* said...

Oh my......Congrats....you did it.....He looks like he enjoyed it very much.......Oh and yes you'll probably need pills when he goes to kindergarten....LoL.....see you tomorrow.....Harmony

Jessica Kettle said...

Wow. We really are the same! However, look how neat your little gentleman is- mine looks like he's been eating by sticking his face in the bowl!

Robert&&Munica said...

I'm So proud of you Kristin, you did it!! Jaxson is eating food!! He IS going to be smart. Oh you and your pills woman. You crack me up. That's all Jaxson needs is a loopy ma ma.

Annie said...

He is gorgeous! I can't believe how big he is getting! Those eyes are knock-outs! He needs to be in a magazine! By the way, your blog is so cute! I need some lessons!