Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Happy 8 months to my Twins!

My Twins are 8 months old today!!
It's hard to put into words how wonderful the last 8 months has been.

It's hard to put into words how crazy, exhausting, full of joy, overwhelming and fabulous....yet run around almost dizzy with so much to do every minute of every day...busy it has been.

Twins change your life.


It is a dream come true. 
They are the best thing that has ever happened to me.

January 23, 2013

Miss London Kate is my princess. She is so sweet and also tenderhearted. She is a mama's girl through and through! If I leave the room...she whimpers and cries. She is IN LOVE with me...and I can say that...because the feelings are mutual!! I am smitten by her:) Sometimes I look at her and feel like I might burst with joy! I need to TONE DOWN my hopes, dreams, goals and plans for her future. I don't want her feeling intense pressure when she realizes that she is my everything!! haha!

I want her to be sweet and classy and handle things with grace. I also want her to be witty and have a sense of humor...I want her to love girly pedicures, and fingernail polish and of course, the theater and DANCING:) The list could on.....

Oh! I have so so many plans for me and this little girl of mine.
She is and will always be my BEST FRIEND. 

London at 8 months old is:
Sitting up on her own
Eating fruit, veggies and rice cereal
LOVES to nurse
Getting her First tooth
Loves to be entertained by her brother Jaxson
Loves to cuddle and be tickled
Loves to Jabber and talk to me
and LOVES her feet!

Mason James is my angel. I have never seen a sweeter more content baby. He is so relaxed and happy all of the time. He LOVES books and absolutely freaks out when I read to him. He is so lucky to have a big brother and dad who adore him. Those three boys will be best buds their whole lives...I'm certain of it.
Something about my little boy...just melts me. He makes my heart almost burst when I look at him! He is so giggly and happy and easy to please. He truly makes my life so much better!
Love me Macer man. 

Mason at 8 months is:

rolling everywhere!
almost crawling
can scoot backwards like a professional
Loves his brother Jaxson and always laughs at him
Loves to eat more than any baby I've ever seen....he makes noises the entire meal and I can't seem to feed him fast enough.
Has the biggest eyes and smile I've ever seen
sleeps 8-10 hours a night

Life with these TWO couldn't be better.
With the cold weather...we are stuck indoors all day everyday....but we make the most of it! I thought I'd get bored and sick of it...but they keep me busy and make me so happy. I worked REALLY REALLY hard for these two little miracle in my life...and they sure know how to cheer me up. They are on a very good routine and love their schedule. Their lives are so predictable....which makes mine the same...but I have grown to love it and know that this stage is only temporary! I am embracing it to the fullest.

I have made several goals...some personal and some together with Jarom for our little family.
I know it's only the 23rd...but I am so happy to report that I have stuck to all of them so far:)
I have truly simplified and chosen the most important ones and I'm somehow making time for every one of them! It makes me happy to notice the change and see how much it's effecting me and my children.

Hope everyone is making the most of this FREEZING January!
I am off to deep clean another closet:) haha
Getting every cupboard, closet and drawer in this entire house organized and de-junked is another goal of mine before when the sunshine decides to show up...I can pack these babies up and spend our afternoons at the park instead of indoors!



Sabrina J. Shy said...

Such a good goal! You're right, once it warms up we all want to be OUTSIDE!

Your little London is such a doll and will probably be all girl for you. And Mason I think has his Dad's personality?

Love you guys!

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