Sunday, July 22, 2012

Life with Twins...

My life is nuts.
But I bet you already knew that:):)

Having TWO babies is unreal. It seriously takes 3 adults to take care of 2 babies at times:)
Especially if a doctor's appointment or "outing" of any kind are on the agenda.
I'm already gearing up for this coming week and the stress it will bring...because we have a visit to the pediatrician, a followup at Primary Children's, shopping for blessing outfits and a haircut on the calendar!!

Heaven help me.
LOTS of peanut M&M's and Diet Coke will be consumed.

---'s a glimpse of our life in pictures:)

Jaxson HAS TO jump into every picture I take of them. It's actually quite hilarious. It's like he can hear the camera clicking on from the other room for pete sake. EVERY SINGLE picture I have of these babies..includes my orphan-looking 5 year old jumping in last minute:) I'm glad though...because they turned out to be some of my favorite memories as I've been looking back!

All three of my babies asleep in my bed.
Jarom was sound asleep next to them...while I folded laundry. Sounds about right:) 

Jammie Time! (+ Jaxson)

Babies relaxing Pool-side while I took Jaxson swimming over the 4th of July.
I was going to post a picture of my POST-TWIN PREGNANCY/C-SECTION body in a swimsuit for you all to enjoy...but I didn't want to humiliate my husband:) 

This picture is my favorite memory of the last few weeks!
London was SCREAMING....and by screaming I mean....absolutely freaking out and acting like someone was cutting off her leg because she wanted to eat!!
Brother Jaxson came to the rescue. I told him to sing her "Jesus wants me for a Sunbeam!" and give her a binky while I changed a blow-out by baby #2..Mason James:)

I walked into the room and Jaxson was holding her little hand and singing...
and I quote:
"The Sun Goes down,
the stars come out...
and all that counts is here and now..
the Universe will never be the same
I'm glad you came, I'm glad you came..."

I about died laughing! It's his favorite song lately...and he knows every single word.
London seemed to like it:)

I find London like this occasionally:) This day she was screaming the entire time I took a shower...and when I got out I saw why. Figures...because it was the FIRST time that I decided to just "let them cry" because I needed some "me time" before I went crazy.
"Me time" = Guilt. Insane guilt. 

No you cannot have her.
Holy Molyl that is one cute baby girl:)
She looks exactly like Jaxson did without a bow...EXACTLY. 

Mason...the best baby ever. Even better since he had surgery and feels good:) 

Jammie Time...AGAIN:)

Oh...what do you know????

Relaxing sunday afternoon in their swings:)

My little not so little anymore:) 8 pounds 2 months old:)
She seriously loves to eat just like Jaxson did!
They both have such round faces and chubby chubby cheeks. I love it. 


Hope everyone is having a wonderful summer!
I'm stuck indoors. All day...everyday.
It is wonderful and depressing all at the same time:)

 I would be lying if I said that everything is perfect. I's pretty close when I'm snuggling these little angels...but the truth is I often think about my past summers...getting snowies with Jaxson and spending the day with him at Cherry hill, walking the lazy river. It was so stress-free....I was so FREE to leave the house:)

Now....I never leave. Ever.
Unless I have a crew of helpers.
Good thing I have plenty of those!!!

Tomorrow... Me, my mother & Sister will be tackling the task of Blessing Day Shopping for these little babies!!!

I just sent out the darling invites and I can't believe it's almost here!
 It will be such a special that I've waited and waited for:)
Now let the shopping begin.





onmynerves said...

Your family is absolutely amazing, you are truley blessed.

onmynerves said...

Your family is absolutely amazing, you are truley blessed.