Sunday, July 1, 2012

Due Date:)

Today is my Due Date!

These little sweethearts are 40 weeks today.

Very strange thinking about how these babies shouldn't be here until today! Even more strange considering that these little people seem like they've been mine forever.

I thought I'd give you a little sneak peak at their newborn session.
Nicole Nelson is amazing...and sweet....and worked miracles by making me love my babies even more than I already did. These pictures make me just MELT.

I have no idea how I'll ever choose!!!
I want to freeze time and have them stay small forever:)

My little London Kate!
I am thinking this will be a huge canvas above her bed:)
I am dying over it.

My little Mason James!
Same with this one:) I have the perfect spot for this above his crib!

I found these darling little angel wings while I was pregnant and knew I had to have my little London wear them. She truly is my little angel.
 I wanted one of each so badly: one boy and one little girl.
Miracles happen:)

Loved Loved Loved this little vintage bonnet as well:)

...and nothing is more precious than my little Mace.

I have HUNDREDS of precious pictures of my twins and I couldn't be more excited about them.


It feels like quite the journey...the last few years.
Last night me and Jarom hopped on the motorcycle and took a ride as the sun was going down.
It was beatiful outside and we cruised the streets talking about how we have THREE KIDS! What?!?!?

Throughout this entire 3 year process we tried to focus on this moment: the END RESULT.

While flipping through these pictures of my perfect little babies...I can't help but reflect on how difficult yet worth it the last few years have been.

My Mason and London were MORE than worth the wait.

the infertility treatments.
the surgery
the drugs
the tests
then IVF
(that is a process in and of itself)
then the pregnancy
(oh my oh my oh my...the PREGNANCY)
hospitalization for a month

....and NOW....

just like that

July 1st, 2012: MY DUE DATE!
will come and go.


I have waited for this day for so so so long.
What a perfect Sunday.
It's noon and all FIVE of us are snuggling in my bed.
I think we'll stay here all day:)


Birth Story and Birth Announcement coming soon!



Andrea said...

so beautiful, Kristin! Can't wait for that birth story :)

Sabrina said...

Seriously so ADORABLE! I would want to frame them all too. ha ha

The bonnet on London is certainly my favorite.

allegra said...

these are all so sweet! they are just perfectly adorable! congratulations!!