Monday, June 4, 2012

Our Sunday...

It was a fabulous Sunday afternoon.
 Jarom and I fed the babies and rocked them to sleep for their afternoon nap:) 

They had SEVERAL visitors today:)
They were held and kissed and snuggled all day.
It was awesome...because I ignored the "rules" and just smothered the crap out of them without asking permission. wahoo:)

Now I will go back to doing just as the nurses I can bring them home sooner than later!!!

The little stinkers are perfectly healthy....but TIRED.
All they need to do is drink THREE bottles in a row.
Is that making their mommy bet.

It is something they learn around 37 weeks gestation.
They will be 37 weeks this Saturday.

Man....I forget how young they are when I am so anxious and impatient for them to gulp down their bottles and come home with me!!!

Now that they're feels like they've been mine forever.


My OTHER baby...isn't so much a baby anymore!
I didn't realize how big he was until I saw my newborns.

He looks adorable in his uniform..
It was wonderful to be able to go to one of his games finally.
While I was hospitalized...I missed the rest of his soccer games and the first several tball games.
I had a grin the entire time.

He's had a few busy weeks this BIG BOY of mine.
I snuck out of the hospital ONCE during my month long stay....and it was to present my little preschool graduates with their diploma's and gold medals!

This is my favorite little Smarty Pants student getting his awards.
My baby is going to kindergarten.
Holy crap. 

Life is full right now.
But I am reminding myself that these are the best days of my life.

As long as I take my giant list of pills each day....I feel pretty darn happy. haha!

I am ALMOST done writing my Twins birth story.
Looking at the pictures make me burst into tears....because I can't believe all that's happend in 10 short days.


P.S. Just a few random thoughts:)

My stomach looks like a hot air balloon that has been only partially deflated.
Holy Moly...
.C-sections are NOT as much fun as the old fashioned way:)
...especially when ONE of the babies is pulled out feet first. Yikes.

My hormones are still "regulating" becuase I bawl on que and yesterday Jarom upset me to such a degree I ripped the lid off my hospital mug and dumnped the entire thing of ice water on him. I'm trying so hard not to be CRAZY. It just comes so natural for me:)

I am a walking Hot Flash. Why is it sooooo hot everywhere I go.

Yesterday I woke up and Jarom said...." have your ankles back!!!"
After months of the most massive cankles of all time due to toxemia and water retention....the water is slowly starting to drain from my legs. Hallelujah. My feet were so fat that my doctor actually said he was afraid my toes were going to pop off!! haha.

MILK. My life revolves around it. 
My body thinks that I had 3...possibly 4 babies.
IT IS NUTS and DISTURBING at the same time:)...but I am so happy that I can feed them.  



Tara and Andrew said...

This is so fun to read about, Kristin! I am so happy for you and hope you get to take your babies home soon! It's the worst to have to have them with all the cords on and not be able to snuggle them fully. They are beautiful and I love to check up on how they are doing :) Hope you are doing well too!!

Sabrina said...

Ah you lucky sweet mother! Yes, C-sections definitely leave a "deflated" looking stomach. Tummy Tuck!

And nursing...what an adventure. I can't even imagine the difference with twins.

You keep loving life girl!

Erin said...

Congrats on your new beautiful babies! I love looking at your blog (a little to much) and can't wait to see more of you little angles :) I just had a baby too, so it is kinda fun to see what other "new" mommies are up to! Your blog tells it how it really is and I LOVE that!!!

I love the "dumping ice water" story...I have had a few of those moments lately too :)

Ally said...


Good job mama! So proud of you!


Chris and Melanee said...

Oh my gosh they are so beautiful!! I hope they continue to do well and that they will be home with you very soon!! I Teared up reading this, it just hits so close to home, they are such little miracles!!!