Monday, April 30, 2012

My tub...

Yesterday I tried to scrub my Jacuzzi Tub.
I wanted a bath....and I haven't got around to hiring a cleaning lady...just yet. 

So I sprayed the entire thing down with clorox and scrubbing bubbles....braced myself against the wall and attempted to balance on one leg (not too hard for people under 200 pounds...but rather challening for me right now:) and step into the tub.

What followed was me screaming a list of profanities a mile long and then my crippled husband s limping into the bathroom screaming......
"WHAT? WHAT? What in the crap are you doing!!!!" I tried to take deep breaths and explain to him what happened. 

As I stepped OVER the tile step and into the foot slipped in the cleaner and I did the chinese splits.
Holy Hell.

Worst pain imaginable.
I think I could easily have these twins naturally after living through that.
There are muscles I haven't used in 8 months down there....that were ripped from their sockets.
OH...I can't even talk about it.
I am just beginning to walk again...24 hours later:)

I spent the next 4 hours on the couch, drugged with two Lortab and gagging over a bowl.
It almost put me into labor.

I will be seeing the Doctor today at 2:00 p.m. to get yelled at by YET ANOTHER person about how stupid I am for attempting things like this while on BEDREST with TWINS.


Never underestimate how happy a clean and sparkly white tub can make a girl:)


The good news is: I officially have TWO of everything at this house.
After reviewing my checklist...these babies can come!
2 cribs
2 swings
2 first aid kits
2 bouncers
2 carseats
2 bumbos

Everything is separated into BLUE and PINK: Bottles, Binkies, Swaddle Me's...YOU NAME IT.
I even packed their hospital bag yesterday and I still have a MONTH.

Bring it on.

Now I just need 2 Names!!!




Whitney said...

Love your posts! Love that you keep us constantly updated. I cant imagine carrying 2 babies! Go you! Best of luck and i hope i get to see a pic of them sooner than later! P.S. hire a cleaning lady!

Whitney said...
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allegra said...

you poor girl!!! hang in there. that sounds ouchie. to say the least. take care of yourself! i know you say you don't look good, but you look better than 99 percent of other ladies carrying twins!! I thihk you look fabulous. You're incredible and nearing the end! It will be worth it:)

Michelle said...
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CBS said...

Kristin- sit your butt on the couch and let those babies cook for another month! You will have NO time to relax once they are here so try and enjoy one last month on relaxing and getting those babies here big and healthy! You are seriously hilarious. I would love to hear how Dr. Hartman handled your news:) I hope you're learning to love him like I do!