Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Dance Moms & Biggest Loser

After preschool....I was exhausted. I planted my butt on the couch and cannot move.
Therefore...I am watching pointless TV.

First off. Has anyone seen DANCE MOMS?!?

Usually I can watch something that disgusts me to such a degree and eventually just let it go.
HOWEVER, I am so worked up...I am about to book a flight to Pittsburg and tell this dance teacher off myself. I cannot believe how awful she is. She is teaching 6, 7, and 8 year olds form pete sake.
She is horrible beyond description.

And....the moms.
I want to give each them a piece of my mind.

They think they are providing them with an opportunity....or being supportive parents....and instead they are slowly teaching their daughters everything thats horrible about this world.

I am pretty darn worked up!

I am certain that my pregnancy is causing anger issues that are no small thing.


The good news is...I also watched Biggest Loser tonight and it was great. I even pushed pause during the weigh-in to give into my COLD STONE craving. 
It was delicious.

Don't watch Dance Moms.
Unless you want to feel hatred for complete strangers.

Love, ME


Bartholomew Family said...

hahaha...I have watched dance mom's a couple of times and I was in complete shock as well. I can't believe some of the things she says to the girls...crazy lady!

Ginger said...

I watched Dance Moms on my flight home from CA this past Sunday, I was shocked at the parent's mostly. If they all stood up to this lady she would have to change her methods a bit...but she does produce some pretty talented little girls! She just needs to treat them like little girls. I saw the one where the little girl was sick and the mom was telling her "we never miss dance!" I wanted to punch that mom in the face.

The Cunninghams said...

Were you watching the Dance Moms marathon on Lifetime yesterday? I watched part of it too.


Summer said...

I watch dance moms and it drives me NUTZ. Finally someone who understands as well! It's like a train wreck. I HAVE to watch it even though it works me up so much. Can we hang out? Cause I could go ON AND ON AND ON. I don't like the new mom either. She already seems worse than Melissa.

Rachael Cook said...

Can i just tell you, that the letter you wrote to Jaxon about him growing up too fast, just brought tears to my eyes. How sweet is that. I totally know how you feel, when you are so sick, and even thinking about certain things just bring back ideas, and memories, that its better to not deal with it, or you'll explode. I think you are doing fantastic. I love how you are keeping a journal of all of this, it is so therapeutic, and your kids will love reading it when they get older. Congrats on the twins