Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Next year....

It's 11:36 p.m. and my childs in the tub.
What can I say...other than he wanted to take a bath?!?!
I couldn't blame him...I take about 3 a day.
It's a great way to unwind.

I guess the obvious fact is "why in the crap is he unwinding for the day at 11:36 instead of 8:00 p.m.?"
To that I have no answer.

Other than this one: the kid acts like he's an adult.
Thank goodness because I can't even take care of myself righ now...let alone him.

He just plopped his butt on the couch next to me and said...
"mom, how you feeling? Ummm...I have a small cold. I have been cold all day and my nose hurts so I think I'll take a warm bath and then snuggle with dad."

Are you serious?


Sounds good.

Love you son.

Thinking a million miles an hour..."did I not get in the bath today really?"..."are those his tumbling clothes he's wearing...the ones he wore last night and then probably dressed himself in again?"

oh my my my.

Oh well.

You can bet that I asked him to get me a popsicle before he got himself in my jet tub and then gave himself a bath.

The kid is 4 going on 14.

aaaggghhhhh....just what I need right now:)


Last week was our relief society christmas party.

I did shower and do my hair in order to attend.
Does that count?
I also stood and read my part on the "Wise Men" like I had rehearsed it a billion times...when in all actuality I read through it while I was scarfing dinner 5 minutes prior.

The truth: I was seriously out of breath after doing it.
I mean...after I eat...I already feel like there's not sufficient room to even take a good size breath these days. Then I stood in front of 80 people and tried to read.

I am officially as big as I was at 6.5 months with Jaxson.
I am laughing....and at the same moment...cringing in horror at what the next few months will probably bring. Can people with 2 (or more...oh my) babies in their stomach really take a deep breath? Can they hold more than a few bites of food without feeling like the world is trying to fit inside them?
Do they fear they will pee every time they sneeze? Will they ever sleep 2 consecutive hours again without needing a drink and then needing to pee?
Is this what my life has become!!????

I know like a million people who've had twins and a few who had triplets...and they are that is my saving grace right now.



SO...the other evening at Relief Society it was suggested that we write ourselves a letter this Christmas and save it until next year to read:) I kinda loved the idea....because of all that will change in my life this coming year. I plan on doing that...after I take a nap of course.

My main motivation for doing this is so that next year (no matter how chaotic my life is) it will boost my confidence to read how pathetic I am this year!! Even if I shower daily and shave my will be a step up from this year:) If I do ANY of my christmas shopping before December 14th and pay $56.00 to 2-day air a batman figurine...then it will be a step up from this year. If I take my child to Temple Sqaure instead of show him the pictures on FB of other families going to Temple will be a step up from this year. hahaha.

YES....I need to write this letter.
Because next year I have a feeling it will make me feel like wonder woman.

You wanna know what?!? Jaxson could care less that his life is totally lame lately. It's actually taught me a lot. Once again, I am learning valuable lessons from this whole experience. The "non-pregnant" me is a go-er. I love to be going somewhere, or planning something, or knee deep in a project. For pete sake...I would scrub the toilets for fun.

I would have made a gingerbread house, visited the lights at temple sqaure, made and delivered neighborhood gifts, addressed and mailed ALL of my Christmas cards instead of just some of them, taken Jaxson to the mall 5 times to see Santa and more...if I were the "non-pregnant with twins" version of me.  

I have done None of the Above this year.
My parents actually brought a gingerbread house kit over on Sunday and built it with him and he was ecstatic!
He loves to do fun things....but sometimes it's nice to just lock the doors and watch a show by the fire & Christmas tree and refuse to leave the house. Instead we just hang out together.....and eat an embarrassing amount of popsicles.

We also have in-depth discussions that are pretty interesting.

Two minutes ago we wrapped up the question (after a 30 minute Q&A)..
"Mom, How did Jesus make our bodies?"
Phew....that was a bit tougher than I imagined it would be.

In the middle of all his detailed and very specific questions I felt like saying....
"Just ask your dad!"
.......but I succeeded!

He still thinks the first man on earth should have been named Jaxson instead of Adam....but he's 4 years I just went with it.


I kinda wonder what these other two little ones will be like.
Will they be responsible like Jax? Will they be intelligent with an amazing ability to debate everything I say (ugh) their brother?

We will see.

Only a few more weeks before we find out what they are!
That should be fun.
And expensive.

Isn't that when the real fun begins???

I have so much to do.
Oh crap.

Love, me

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