Thursday, December 1, 2011

My outing(s)...

This week I made TWO outings.
Miracles do happen.

Yesterday I ventured out to the garment store (where we, members of the LDS faith buy our underwear).
It was glorious.
I bought a handful of bottoms and tops all in different sizes and fabrics.

I haven't been this happy and "unsqueezed to death" in about 11 weeks.

aaaaahhhhh....the simple pleasures.


Today I continued the festivities....with my evening outing for stretch pants.
My mom drove from Brigham City...just to drive me to the store and back.

They are not attractive.
But....They fit and don't squeeze any part of me to death...SO they were a winner.
I bought 2. Just because...I found something that fit by ever-expanding butt! Wahoo:)
See---Miracles DO happen.


If my child stops barfing....and I stop gagging over the fact that he is doing so....I will be getting all showered and make-uped and dressed (in real clothes) for a Christmas Dinner Party tomorrow night.

Those things haven't happened (all at the same time) since some time in August.

HOPEFULLY....we get lucky and have one
nauseous-free, barf-free, easy day in which I can scarf down a delicious steak dinner without thinking about my misery:)

please oh please oh please.


p.s. Jarom asked me what I wanted for christmas.
My prompt reply was this:

As grateful as I am to be pregnant (and believe me...I wouldn't have put myself through all that I have if I didn't want to be).....I will fully admit that it is cruel and unusual punishment. will be VERY worth it in the end, but it does not diminish the pure torture that is my life at the current moment. WHAT.IS.HAPPENING.TO.MY.BODY.

I almost forgot....

Merry Christmas.
To those actually getting to enjoy the season!



Allyson said...

Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh! Congratulations! So,so happy for you! xo

Michelle said...

This is great! I am laughing so hard. This describes my first outing in not throwing up in a day I made my husband drive me to the Gateway to go to Anthropologie (I was only 12 weeks so I should definitely be able to fit in some cute trouser pants right?...nope!), but had to move myself over to Pea in a Pod just to get my big twin tummy into a pair of pants. Seriously our lives are so alike right now. Loved to hear from you.