Friday, December 9, 2011

Date night:)

So...I convinced Jarom to spend the weekend with me...and only me.
Jaxson's bag is packed and he's headed to nanny's!

I Can't wait.
Yummy food. Whole night sleep without a 4 year old elbowing me in the face. Dessert.
 Couples Massage. Movie. ALL MUCH NEEDED.

I will hopefully be showered by the time Jarom gets here to pick me up:)

Did you know I've been married for 8 years on Monday?!?
Unfortunately it won't be that glamorous...because I'm about as sexy as a beached whale.
BUT....we'll make up for it by gorging ourself with good food and hitting a movie:)

I made him promise that for our 10th...we'd ditch the 3 kiddos (holy crap) at grandma's and do something BIG! By then I might have recovered from birthing and nursing twins. Maybe.
In the meantime...I will be planning it:)

We also use our "weekend away" each December to do each others Christmas Shopping!!!
We don't do surprises.

I just direct him to places...and point to what I want....and he does that same.

It works wonderfully.
No returns.
Everyone's happy.
Sigh. I love it.


We have 2 Christmas Parties on Saturday too! It will be a fun-filled yet exhausting weekend. One Party during lunch at Maddox...and one for dinner at Mimi's Cafe.
I will love every minute of all the food. Yum.


We celebrated Jarom's Bday on Wednesday.
The man is getting old...32!

I'm glad it wasn't me:) he he


Pictures to come of Jaxson opening all of his gifts.
Dinner at Texas Roadhouse.
"Jarom refused to sit on the saddle during his bday song" ...OF COURSE. he made jaxson.
I tell is small moments like that when you are lucky to have a kid.
You can force them to do just about anything...and they work as a wonderful excuse to get you out of anything you'd rather not do:) ha!


I better get packing.



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Kaleena said...

congrats on 8 years Kristin! ^^