Saturday, May 21, 2011

Thursday May 19th...Jaxson graduated from preschool!
Hard to believe.
My baby is big.
I am just so grateful that he has another year:)

I have a mental block about kindergarten.
You should hear all my reasons for why I can't let him go:)
Good thing I have 18 months or more to work through it!


Jaxson opening graduation gifts from nanny:)

This night is a culmination of MONTHS and MONTHS of work for me.
I was excited and relieved to have it come and go with success:)

Me and my Little Smarty Pants.

Jaxson getting his trophy.
"Mr. Outstanding Teacher's Assistant".
That kid had a hard time letting anybody else be my helper.
He is my little sidekick...and the best little helper I could ask for.


Jaxson had another T-ball game today!
I have officially turned into THAT Mom. The one who gets excited to pull out my lawn chair and spend my Saturdays at the field. Reminds me of dating the little man's daddy.
I LIVED at a baseball field...watching that man run around in baseball pants. Don't mind if I do;)


Fast forward 7 years and I can't believe we have a son....who is as IN LOVE with the sport as his father.


He did FABULOUS today I must add. Can I say that???
It made me smile. Oh...and jump up and down and think, "That is my baby! That is my baby!"


Yes....I have to take deep breaths and repeat in my brain "they are only 4....they are only 4...." is amazing how different they view this little game.

Some (mine included) are very serious about it. Some....haven't seen or held a ball before and are literally chasing birds or picking piles of grass:) A few just bawl and choose to sit down in the outfield.
That works too I guess!

They put Jax in the Pitcher spot....cuz man that kiddo has an arm. Only a few of the 19 kids can throw it all the way to First Base or Home Plate. They switch off:)

Jarom stands out there with him and helps enforce "taking turns".
Jax is a quick little thing (he get's that from daddy too) and so he get's to the ball first every time.
This will come in handy someday...but at 4 years old....they all need a turn.

After about 10 in a row....Jarom intervened and had the "How about we let someone else get to it this time..." talk with the little man. He was a very good sport about it. 

He was happy to stand back and watch!
But was even MORE happy when dad gave him a shove and told him to GO FOR IT again:)

I'm kinda proud of him.
The best part is seeing him LOVE something so much.

Tumbling (which was my idea) OK....but nothing special for him. My fault.
I thought about singing lessons....He'd rather die.
He actually said "That is so wierd mama! That is so wierd."
ooooooohhhhhh....he is SO his Father. 

THIS is what he loves. THIS is what makes him truly excited. 
I think that's all a mom really cares about. 
SEEING THEM HAPPY. No matter what it is they choose. 


After T-ball...things took a drastic turn.
Jax has had a small cold for a few days....but he rarely lets it change his mood.

The kid started screaming and kicking and that is definitely NOT my Jaxson. He wanted me to hold him and he kept saying that something was wrong with his ear.


It's Saturday afternoon.
I HATE that feeling as a mother.


I hurried and paged the pediatrician.
Jaxson continued to freak out. I could see how bad he was hurting by just looking into his eyes.

Within in 10 minutes I was standing at the Pharmacy with a giant bottle of Ibuprofen, Tylenol, a jug of Strawberry milk JUST begging them to fill his prescriptions FASTER THAN HUMANLY POSSIBLE.  

Is there anything worse than seeing your kid in pain. No.
My heart was beating crazy fast....I was so impatient with everybody.

SO IMPATIENT....I wanted to climb over the counter of the pharmacy and say:
 "Let me help you with that buddy! Remember how I said my kid is in the car thrashing aroung begging for help?!?"

It's like everything was moving in slow motion. aaagghhhh.


I immediately started shoving things in him...numbing ear drops, amoxicillan, Tylenol, etc.
Jarom cuddled up with him on the couch.
....and an hour later....
....he was relaxed...I was relaxed and things were once again calm at our house.

The poor kid was so nervous that it was going to come back though.
He keeps asking me "Will it come back mom? Will it?"



We spent the rest of the afternoon planting.

Remember this little vehicle. The one Jarom bought by convincing me it could help with all the planting and weeding, etc. I never believed it....but he was right:) haha.

After the little man was drugged and comfortable....he insisted on driving around the yard delivering the flowers and plants for me. He loaded my dirt, shovel, gloves and plants in the trunk of his Truck and was such a great helper.

He even found a few friends. He let them ride in the passenger seat:)
Until they "dried up" as he put it. Sick.
That's Little boys for ya!

His little cold has officially rubbed off on me. I guess the last three nights of him laying 2 inches from my face, on my pillow....and coughing all night long....didn't give me much of a chance.

I am miserable.

Looks like we will spend Sunday being miserable together:)

I have lots of happy things to post about too believe it or not!


p.s. I want to buy Jarom a motorcycle.
That is like number 105 on the priority list it ain't gonna happen. BUT nothing is better than a summer evening motorcycle ride with your hubby. My dad has a motorcyle...and the summer we lived with them....we took a nice long ride every single night. It was heaven.

Someday. For sure.

Have a wonderful Sunday,

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