Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Our weekend...in pictures:)

Our weekend was One-Hundred-and-Fifty-Percent enjoyable!
Parties. Great Food. More parties. More Desserts.
Sleeping in. Movies. Birthday. More Great Food.
I admit...it gave me the "Why can't it be like this all the time" feeling:)
My first question (that is completley unrelated to my post):
Why can't Jarom work from home?
I recognize this is impossible...but...at the same time....it is totally unfair.
I miss him while he's gone all day. He is hilarious. He's my best friend...and I kind of married him with the impression that we'd get to see more of eachother than we actually do. It's rude.
I took a million pictures this weekend.
I had to.
We had many monumental-must-be-documented happenings in the last 72 hours.
(I will be posting about them in Reverse)
My husband turned 30 yesterday!
He's old. It's wierd.
I will hate turning 30 more than anything.
Jaxson and I were busy all day planning a celebration!
We got him TONS and TONS of balloons per Jaxson's request...made his FAVORITE:
Chocolate Cream Pie
Banana Cream Pie
and had a little party...just the three of us.
While building our house I had this goal. On days when I wanted to die...or quit...I thought to myself (just get to December 7th! On that day you will have a party for Jarom's 30th B-day and have everybody over...and your misery will be over!)
Well...we did have a party...I just underestimated what a wonderful gift it would be to just sit...and do absolutely nothing...with absolutely nobody.
Is that rude?!?
It was heavenly.
It was relaxing.
We had a wonderful dinner at Chili's...came home to DESSERT and Presents...and rented 3 movies! 1 for jax...2 for us:) We layed by the fire and just chatted and laughed.
It was the perfect night. Or as perfect as it could get...considering that last year on his birthday we spent the entire day walking Sunset Beach in Hawaii...Shopping...Eating at the Cheesecake Factory and watching the sun go down on Waikiki.
We tried not to think about it.
It was still wonderful...in it's own way!
I love him.
I scrapbooked...the entire day.
Picking Pumpkins 2009 Side 1
Picking Pumpkins 2009 Side 2
Last January I made a goal. I told myself...(who literally knew absolutely nothing about computers, digital scrapbooking or working in layers)...that I was going to learn! I told myself that I would be good at it by December...so I could make my own Christmas card.
I am so excited that I accomplished my goal! I literally could not comprehend how you could put a digital staple or paper clip on a scrapbook page...I am just not computer savvy I guess:)
I am so excited that in that amount of time I've almost gotten completely caught up...and Jaxson has (5 books) that make up his entire life up to this point. Digital scrapbooking is so easy, cheap, and fast...that everybody should have one for their children!
That is why I am willing to help/teach/be good company to anyone who wants to learn or has questions. It took me lots of TIME to perfect little things I wanted to do...but it slowly came along...and I would love to help anyone who wants it! Come over...we could have a scrapbook party...or leave me a comment with questions! I would love to answer.
Fall Leaves Side 1
Fall Leaves Side 2
Snow Playing Layton Park 2009 Side 1
Snow Playing Layton Park 2009 Side 2
I will be updating my SCRAPBOOK BLOG with tons more pages today!
Snow Day
It snowed the entire day!
Me and Jarom took a nap on the couch at 2:00 in the afternoon...just because.
Then we went outside and played in the snow!
Jarom shoveled the walk and driveway for the first time since he was 15.
(It was sure nice living places where they performed any and all maintenance!)
No more
Forsyth Christmas Party
We have amazing food...I am serious.
Shrimp, Spinach Dip, Ham, Homeade carmels, Peppermint ice-cream, Holiday Slush.
My family can cook. and we do:)
My mom always makes everything extra special!
We enjoyed a delicious and enormous meal...followed by our tradition to play christmas songs with chimes! It is really a lot of fun! We have tons and tons of numbered chimes...and each of us have a book of every Christmas song and hymn on earth! Each note of the song is a number for a chime...so all 40+ family members follow the notes and even the children help us play the most beautiful christmas songs while we sing along.
You should hear it...I think it's beautiful...and this year Jaxson helped play.
He was #3.
Santa ALWAYS drops in to our party to bring early gifts!
Jaxson was a LITTLE excited when he walked in!
Jaxson sat on Santa's lap and requested a Four Wheeler.
He is obsessed with anything motorized.
Which is really wonderful for me...because anything with a motor (or that moves) is expensive.
Santa gave him a Nerf Gun...and I thought he was going to drop dead.
He ran and scream and shot and scream and shot at people til midnight.
I might have hinted to grandma...who hinted to santa...that Jaxson would like this.
I just had no idea how much!!!
Last but not least...if you do not have the little people nativity for your children...you should get it. It is the most precious thing ever...and Jaxson is in love. My mom got it for him and he hasn't put it down. The angel and star on top light up and sing "Silent Night". It keeps Jaxson entertained for hours....and I hear him talking to baby Jesus, Joseph and the camel.
The perfect toy for this time of year.
It's helped me teach him about the Christmas story and the people involved.
This week is just as busy with my 6th Anniversary (wahoo) and 2 more Christmas parties.
I asked Jarom what he had planned for our anniversary this year and he kindly reminded me it was MY YEAR. Last year he surprised me with a week in Hawaii!
(I'm screwed)
I hope everyone is enjoying the Christmas Season!
I feel blessed to stay at home...watch it snow...and cuddle with my baby. Or Toddler.
He did ask if we could go to walmart and buy him a brother last week.
I'm not sure if he enjoys my company...as much as I do his..but we make it work:)
Happy Holidays!


Tai and Joe said...

You are my favorite! I love your new house. So jealous too. I would love to learn how to scrapbook like you. Maybe you should do a class? I am so dumb when it comes to these kind of things.

Cory and Lindsey said...

Hi Kristin

How are you? I ran in to your blog and you just crack me up... I love you scrapbooking pages that you have done. I was just telling Cory and I need to get into it. Could you email me the program or how you gone about it. I need to get started.:) My email is bowenlincor@hotmail.com. I will have to give you my blog so we can keep in touch.
It's fun to see what you have been up to. From the looks of it you house is beauitful.
Talk to you soon!

Lindsey (Hunter) Bowen

Bryce & Brittany said...

So are you going to buy Jaxson a baby brother or what??:) I love that Little People Nativity! Sooo cute! My mom was asking about little nativites that kids can play with. I'll have to tell her about that one! You have a date with me sometime in the future to teach me how to digital scrapbook. I'm serious!! I need a new computer first though.....which is like 100th on my list of things I need......so maybe it won't be too soon.:) Tell Jarom Happy Birthday for us!! Doesn't it feel weird to have a husband that's in his 30s? Mine is coming up on his 34th!! Aahhhhh! And Happy Anniversary to you guys too!

The Wells Family said...

what fun! we also got the little people nativity this year and it has been so much fun to play and teach with it. :)

Jamie said...

Well maybe you should buy Jaxson a new baby brother...I mean how can you say no to that cute little face?!;) Happy bday to Jarom... and SIGN ME UP for your lessons on digital scrapbooking! I will be there! I have wanted to learn for sooo long and I am just way to dumb to figure it out myself!

Jeff.Shauna.Kason said...

Hi Kristin, You probably have no idea who I am. I can't even remember how I found your blog. I think we some of the same friends. Anyways I've commented on your blog before. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your layout pages. I would love to watch you scrapbook sometime. We used to live in St. George, but have recently moved up to Tremonton. :) I was just looking at the construction party that you did for Jaxon. I would love to do that for my soon to be 2 yr old. Could you give me some instructions on how you did you cake. Also wondering where you got his dump truck. Too cute! I love your new home and would love to see more pictures. Thanks Kristin. jsnorton05@gmail.com Shauna Norton

Maranda said...

Wow! The big 3 0! Why does that seem so old, yet I'm really not far behind him. Sounds like you guys had a great evening. Jaxson is such a little character. Too cute! Your house looks great.

Maranda said...

P.S. I would love to learn how to digital scrapbook if I could learn how to use my camera first. Maybe you could give me a few tips. I can't learn by reading. I don't know how you did it.