Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I've been...

...Busy enjoying doing nothing...

Does that sentence even make sense? More that possible?


We love being moved in...officially unpacked...and settled.

We are normal once again.

Routines, home cooked meals (and desserts because it's December and I wear sweatshirts everyday so I can), listening to Christmas music, and testing out this new house: Bath time in Jet tub with over 40 toys, drinking straight from nifty faucets...ya know. The usual.


I have a few favorite things in my life right now...and I feel like sharing!


The first would be my Laundry Soap


(wierd I know)

...but if you do not use GAIN HE (Hight Efficiency) Laundry need to re-evaluate your priorties. It is hands down one of the best smelling things on earth. My towels smell delicious...and it makes my laundry room smell divine. I painted my laundry room bright make it a more cheery and happy place for stinky socks and pee'd in undies...compliments of Jaxson:) I also put my soap in a big bucket that makes the room smell delicious ALL DAY LONG. You should definitely steal this idea. Today.


The Second would be the "CHRISTMAS TRIMMINGS" Salt City Candle.


The thing smells wonderful. That or "SPICED WASSAIL" is burning 24/7 at my house...and it makes me want to bake something yummy and watch a movie.

I usually do. ---

Sidenote about these treats I've been baking lately....Last night I ate more of the batter for my brownies than I actually baked. I swear on my life I thought I had Salmonella (sp?). HA HA's funny now...but not so funny at 2:00 a.m. when I was sicker than heck. Jarom had to convince me it takes 2-3 days to get it:) Do not eat raw eggs. Do not eat raw eggs.


I Love my Kitchen Faucet.


(I recognize my odd ability to find joy in the strangest of things:)

It is quite fun to wash dishes and to scrub the sink.

It's also quite fun for Jax to drink straight from the tap!

I Love my Nativity
...5 years ago I mentioned that I wanted passing...and one day I went over to my Mother-in-law Jeri's house and a million boxes wrapped in red paper were piled high in the family room!
She pointed to them (it was seriously like 20 packages) and said...that's for you! I went crazy.
She is so sweet to me and listens carefully for little comments of what I'd like!
(Jaxson likes to turn the angel around...which is why it's backwards. He also likes to try and strangle the camel with it's leash:)
I Love my Round Chair
So...I purchased this fun round Chair that spins around in occupy the corner in my bedroom. I thought it was the perfect cuddle spot...for me and my children that is:) Jarom would NEVER lay on it because it has Zebra patterned pillows. Whatever. I pictured reading books to my toddlers, nursing my newborns...Oh-I had MANY plans for that chair. has become TIME OUT.
It works Well.
Jaxson loves it. I just realized that while I thought he was in Time Out...He was jumping, throwing pillows and Spinning as fast as he could make it go.
I Love My Christmas Tree
(Or any Christmas Tree for that matter)
I love this time of year.
We put it up on Sunday night and I've curled up by it and read every night this week!
I've also enjoyed putting our STOCKINGS out this year.
I purchased them 3 years ago...and they've been tucked nicely away in storage since then.
It felt wonderful to unpack all of my belongings, especially the ones I haven't seen in FOREVER...or ever been able to use.
Last but not least....
I am in LOVE with my Anniverary gift this year.
Yes I picked it out.
I designed it.
I ordered it.
I told him to buy it.
Is that so bad????
I got a gigantic collage from Simply Canvas of my family pictures.
It is priceless to me:)
...and hanging in the entryway of my home....
...but everybody knew that...
Hope everybody is having a wonderful December.
Ours are always chuck full.
It's exhausting...but wonderful all at the same time:)
Christmas Party's planned for every Friday and Saturday of the month!
Lots of great food...even more great desserts!
My 6th Anniversary is next Saturday!
Jarom turns the big 30 on Monday!
Lots of fun things to look forward to:)


Brownies said...


Laci said...

OHHH I love gain too! But geesh don't tell. Now it will just be a normal smell to everyone when they come to my house :) They canvases look wonderful! I need to see. .. . .

Maranda said...

I love this time of year. Your tree looks beautiful! I wish I had some things to decorate with. But I'm not going to bother getting any until we actually stay in our house for most the holiday. The smells, decorations, and lights are making me so excited to go home. I love the canvas pictures...they look great!

Allyson said...

I didn't get the chance to say CONGRATS to you (for both of you) to Ryan!! I met Kelsey at Josh's wedding and she was SO darling. I'm excited for them. (and you, to have a fun new sister.:)

And then. I hate you too. In a loving way of course.:) Beautiful home...I want to see more pictures. Also, I haven't had the pleasure or joy of experiencing such great laundry detergent. After your convincing, I MUST experience Gain.:)

heddomarie said...

Oh Kristin Those canvases look great! I wish I could see them in person because as you know pictures can never quite do them their justice!

Kristin Bishop said...

Mandi-I will trade all of my favorite things (except Jaxson) for your body. End.Of.Story:) I hate you too.

Laci-Gain Rules. Love to have you over anytime.

Marands-better see you when you come home for Christmas. Miss you guys.

Allyson-Thanks! Kelsey IS perfect. Definitely try GAIN...and I would love to have you that I have a place to live:)

Heather-Couldn't have done it without you. You are talented and wonderful! THanks:)

Jamie said...

Blast...Kristin those picture collages are ADORABLE! I would treasure them too. They are beautiful. I want more pictures of your new home! ;)

Bryce & Brittany said...

I absolutely cannot stop talking/thinking about your house! I was just telling my co-worker tonight about your laundry soap holder and then I got on your blog and had to show her. And she noticed your paint job in the background and loves that too! Would you be totally freaked out if one day I invite you to my big beautiful house and it looks exactly like yours??:)

Amy! said...

Isn't this the greatest time of year!!!!! Going to get the Gain like yesterday... Your canvas collage it to die for! I bet you are loving your new house.. Post more pics :)

Tai and Joe said...

I love you pictures of the canvases. Cute idea. I also too, just did that samething with your laundry soap. except mine is for sugar and flour and brown sugar. I've been working on a few different things.