Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Snowie's, doorbells, bikes & football:)

Wow. Where do I start?

The past few weeks have been packed!!!

A good kind of busy though...I prefer busy as most of you know:)


Jaxson continues to make me laugh and convince me daily that I am the luckiest WOMAN alive.

Oh my goodness he is a talker...and full of personality.
This picture totally sums him up.
An obnoxiously Happy,
Little BOY!


He has recently become fascinated with ringing the doorbell.

(do all children go through this stage?)


Who knew that something so simple could keep him entertained and giggling for a whole afternoon. We have a great routine: I sit on the porch with my feet up talking on the phone...he rings the bell over and over and over and over and then we share a popsicle.



...it's the life I tell ya...


As you can tell from Jaxson's excitement in the below picture...he was about to partake of his first snowie and considering how much his parents talk them up...he knew it was going to be good! We are hooked and decided last Friday night that it was TIME.

...for Jaxson to taste our favorite concoction...


3 all time best flavors:

(and they must be applied side by side and not mixed)





Me and Jarom visit the snowie stand a few times a week during the summer...and Jaxson got his own this trip. He is getting big enough to down one himself...(it could also be that neither me or Jarom want to share ours:)





He doesn't leave the house without his cubbies hat on and a piece of chewing gum.

He acts so old these days. I can't help but laugh.


Friday evening he showed dad his new skills. He can pedal a bike...and he circles the driveway like a pro. I guess this means he needs a real bike with training wheels. Is that normal for 2???

Now I must convince Jarom that people SHOULD most definitely receive 4th of July presents!!!
He doesn't believe me. "It's not a present holiday" Jarom says.



Football or catch is a daily occurrence as well.

He just can't sleep unless he's practiced a bit with Dad...so I watched as he attempted to learn the proper techniques in which to throw a football.


I really want another little boy so so so so so so so badly.

I love them to death.

My laptop is being serviced and is currently in the shop. I feel like I'm going to die, I swear. It is so pathetic...and actually kind of good that it's gone. I do miss it desparately though:)
We are sick of the unpredictable and ridiculous weather so we are out of here!!!
We are heading to St. Geore (our favorite quick getaway spot).
Shopping, Nielsen's Custard,
Seeing a Play at Tuachan Theatre, Swimming.
We need a break from the Rain:)
Love, ME


Bryce & Brittany said...

Oh I too love "Snowie's" but we just call them Snow Cones. Yummy!!! I hope you guys have a fun time in St.George. I'll let you know when I get my birthday package.:)

allegra said...

i love his little farmers tan. how cute!! that's evidence of lots of good playing outside.

max isn't obsessed with doorbells. probably because we have lived in an apartment for the past 2 years!! an apartment without a doorbell:) in fact, now that we're graduated and out of the big city, he's adjusting to this whole grass concept too. grass and places to run? what's that??

cute pics of your cute boy.