Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Painting and Popsicles

Today Rocked
We hopped in the car and off we went to purchase some paints
for our big day of being crafty.
After a quick pit-stop at the Old Grist Mill...to buy 2 LARGE sugar cookies for our afternoon snack...we were on our way to creating a wonderful afternoon...just me and Jaxson.
Oh..how much he needed it!
His mommy has been a LITTLE busy the last few weeks...
and I admit to some minor neglect.
I must give credit where credit is due...because I saw this cute idea on a fellow bloggers blog last summer and loved it! Go ahead and check out Danny.Jess.Max on my links...they have a little boy exactly Jaxson's age and he is pretty darn cute. It was such a fun summer idea:)
I instantly knew Jaxson would love the idea of getting naked, messy, and being outside.
I loved the idea of letting him make something...that I could hang in his nursery:)
It was a win-win...so we got to painting.
The idea was a hit.
From picking out the paints and the brushes...to ripping off his shirt and practicing his circles...he was completely thrilled with the idea of...PAINTING!
He was pretty concerned that a BEE (of all things) would sneak up on him and grab his brush.
He insisted on holding it above his head until he couldn't hear a single buzz within a 5 ft. radius.
(I told you he was obsessed with Bees)
Refer to prior post!
His masterpieces!
I actually purchased SEVERAL canvases on sale at Micheal's last Fall and plan on doing this fun activity several times over the summer.
I'm sure there will be "THE PERFECT WALL" in the playroom
at our new house for a collage of his work. Again...thanks Jess for the idea.
We topped it off by sharing both a CHERRY and ROOTBEER
popsicle and cuddling on the couch.
I loved every minute of it.
It makes my heart ache that he is no longer my baby...
but I plan on dragging it out as long as humanly possible!
He currently looks exactly like the below picture...completely pooped!
It wore him right out...and I'm pretty sure he'll sleep for hours:)
(another Win-Win)
Tonight were heading to a friends to learn how to make Fresh Razzleberry Pies from scratch...while Jarom plays Ball (his Tuesday night ritual)!
I love to bake...but from a box:) so.....
This will be a new adventure that's for sure!
Wish me luck...
Have a wonderful Tuesday!


heddomarie said...

Oh my how funny.. I did the exact same thing with Kenny when we still lived in brigham. He however proceeded to shove the paint brush in his mouth (I think he got a little excited and mistook it for a spoon) Awesome masterpiece!

Bryce & Brittany said...

Cute, cute, cute!! I'm glad you admitted that he's not a baby anymore because at one point in the post you referred to his room as a NURSERY.... are you willing to admit the fact that he's too BIG for a nursery??:) Kidding...I know how sad it makes you to know he's growing up.

ashley said...

WOW! I LLLLOOOOOVVVVVEEEE this idea! Daunis told me about it this week and how you were on the news... so cool! I just had to see it for myself! Do you mind if I copy you?