Friday, March 27, 2009


When it was 70 degrees AND my child wore shorts AND cruised the neighborhood on his scooter...BAREFOOT:)
scooter 1
We are craving the sunshine...and have many things planned for summer!
We have been super busy the past few weeks. Jaxson played with his little friend Bella this week...and boy did they have fun. Bella is a spunky little thing! We joke (me and her mom) about how fun she'll be as a teenager:) She loves trouble...and experimenting. I gave them a NEW FULL BOX of teddy grahams for a snack...and left them alone for 20 minutes. I came back to this....
They made sure to grind every last one of them deep into the carpet...and I am still finding them in the most creative of places:)
He was pretty darn proud of himself. He has NEVER done anything like this...and the new found rebellion was a bit satisfying I think. He kept giggling...and "CHEESING IT".
Little stinker.
In my last post I mentioned that Jarom would be playing in the ALUMNI basketball tournament. I knew it would be interesting...and I know all to well Jarom's competitive personality. He came home with a great souvenir:)
Also-I snapped a few pictures of UN-COOPERATIVE little Lincoln Chad Ericson!
He is so sweet...and I can't wait to do it again when he's a bit more sleepy:) He was wide awake and competley uncomfortable! Isn't he darling???
---6 weeks old already...and getting blessed this Sunday---
Yep-I could go for another little boy right about now.
I could also go for naming him Lincoln.
Jarom and I are all about President names: Jaxson, Lincoln, Carter, Reagan...I want a whole handful of little president named kiddos:) I better start begging...


Bryce & Brittany said...

Jaxson looks super cute in his new birthday clothes, riding his scooter in his bare feet, and cheesing it to the camera for making a huge mess! And Jarom's foot looks painful! Ouch!

Suzanne said...

hey you! how are things? i thought i'd drop you a little note becuz we haven't talked in a while. i hope everyone is doing well. miss you guys. tell jarom and jaxson i said hi!