Monday, March 30, 2009 night....

...Tonight we went on a small drive for family night... Nothing too long...because heaven forbid Jarom miss the Jazz Game....pathetic:)
....I practiced a bit....while my little stinker explored the old train station....
Nothing too spectacular...but Heather and (Mandi) my "Metering" is getting a heck of a lot betta' and I know you'd be proud:) Especially because I totally sucked before. ha!
green door
gray door
walking on tracks
Funny story....I promise.
My brother Stephen is working on his Final Project to earn his Eagle Scout. He is such a good guy and a wonderful example to my Jaxson...I sure am grateful:) Anyhow, his project is to interview and record the "life histories" of Seniors at a home here in B.C. ...and give them to their families. Pretty great idea huh???
Tonight was interview NUMERO UNO. Freaking hilarious...and so typical of an old fart whose had a rough go at life!
Stephen-Is there anything you want your kids or grandchildren to know about you?
Old man- Not a damn thing!
Stephen- Is there anything you want to say to your children?
Old man-Hell NO. I had a stroke a few years back. Hardly even recognize any of them!
Stephen- Tell me about your family?
Old Man- (referring to his daughter-in-law) That little SOB took 500 grand out of MY checking account to build her dream house!
Stephen-Did you ever play sports?
Old Man-I was drafted by the Cincinnati Reds...but couldn't play cus' I was called to war.
Stephen-Did your kids help you on the farm?
Old Man-Hell NO! They were too lazy to do any farming. They didn't even come home in the summer!
You get the idea.
I just absolutely LOVE Seniors...and feel like this stranger...this "OLD MAN" sounds like the perfect mixture of my two
wonderful grandpa's: Ward and Dallis :)
I think I'll go along on the next interview...just for the free entertainment
They are so honest, wise...and down right hilarious.
Old...Old..Men that is.


heddomarie said...

Hey good to see you went out and got some practice! Looks good. And you didn't suck before.. just didn't have the info to help you get a good shot right away. They look good and glad you found the train station. Keep it up!

Bryce & Brittany said...

Great pictures of Jax!! You are getting good!!! And hilarious story about that old man.... old people are hilarious!!!

Ashley said...

I haven't checked blogs in a long time... it was so fun to catch up on yours! Jaxson's Birthday party looked AMAZING! And I loved the story of the old man. Your photography is really getting good; I'm jealous! I LOVE the pic of Lincoln that you posted. I tried to take some when he was a couple days old, but he didn't want to cooperate then either!

Brownies said...

That is the funniest story I have ever heard, I peed my pants,''''

Now to the good stuff, your making me sick your getting so good and your leaving me here in the dust to rot.

allegra said...

hey Kristin,

your pictures are lookin' totally awesome. i don't know how to used "metering" . guess i should learn!!

i love the picture of him with his back up against the green wavy wall thingy. so cute! he is just such a little stud muffin.

btw, Max's coat was an online find at Gap. I don't think they carried the camo-color in the store, only online, but I could be wrong. My mom gave him that coat! thanks for your sweet comment.


Hickman Family said...

Oh how I miss that train station! Love the pics, they always look amazing, Jaxon is getting bog and so stinkin CUTE! the story about the old man, very entertaining!!