Monday, March 16, 2009

go carts...

My husband is pretty funny...(I think so anyway). He always keeps me laughing.
....and boy did he have me laughing one particular evening last week when he came waltzing in from work in an UNUSUALLY good mood with a grin from ear to ear.
I, of course, inquire as to why?
Afterall, this is not the norm after a long day of divorces, custody's, court and DUI's. :) :)
He promptly tells me how he "totally scored" that day. He begins to explain the details: you see a particular client in need of his legal representation didn't have the funds. SO...being the genius he was he swapped being his
at the track the guy owned.
WHAT in THE?????
We might starve to death...but by darn, there WILL...BE...Go-carts!
Honey---you're going down.
....and I just so happen to be looking forward to this perk. I do, however, wish it was a little more practical:) ha ha ha.
(I bet ya 100 bucks the guys name is bob..and he has approx. 3 teeth)
****that's precisely why I love you
love, me


Bryce & Brittany said...

That's pretty funny! Sounds like something Jarom would be excited about.:) I guess next time I come to Utah I'll have to hit you guys up for some go-cart racing! I'm excited!:)

Nicole said...


I found your blog off of someone else's blog and I love how cute it is! You are having so much fun!

Nicole Jensen
(I grew up in the B.C. 21st Ward with you if you need help remembering!)