Thursday, February 26, 2009

Den-tist Mama! baby had his


and document it I did!


With his 2nd birthday coming up in the next week...I have been going down the Checklist!




It's a lot of work (and moolah:) making sure this kid is healthy, growing, learning and developing perfectly! I'm sure glad that I got the thumbs up from the docs...and that he is a smart little stinker:) He is the joy of my life...and I need another little boy ASAP.


I have to say...he is OBSESSED with brushing his teeth now and continually talks about Dr. Schweppe! The best Pediatric Dentist ever:) I remember referring my patients to him YEARS ago when I worked in when it was my Jax's turn in the chair...I knew just who to call!


Dr. Schweppe gave him a bouncy ball and in doing so...
didn't realize he had instantly become his "IDOL".



He still walks around saying...."Den-Tist mama...he brush my teeth and gave me ball!"


His vocabulary is amazing. He calls me "honey" (like jarom does) 90% of the time now....and begs me to "Come here!" all day long. He says "Hello! my name is Jaxson!" to every single person we pass in Walmart! When he goes to the bathroom...he walks straight up to me and says "mama...I SOAKED! I need new diaper."

WHHAT???? Soaked??? What happened to, "mama...I peed!"
Where does he learn this stuff...or these words?

I tried not to make a scene...or humilate myself by snapping 20 pictures. I got like 5...right after one another. get the idea...and I will remember it forever:)

Checking out his "goodie bag"!!!


Complete with toothpaste, choo choo train toothbrush, dino flossers, and a bouncy ball:)

goodie sack


I know these pictures all look the same...but look closely at his hands...this was after he received the bouncy ball...and it was all smiles after that:)

bouncy ball

He is at such a fun age...and I am enjoying every minute. I know it will go by super I focus on finding things each day to cherish and on spending a lot of time playing with him and smothering him. I honestly kiss the crap out of him daily.


It's a difficult thing. Strange actually. Being in a stage in which you can see things evolve because they are happening so fast! I know he's growing...people repeatedly tell me it will "FLY BY" and I hate it....I know it...and see it daily...but I can't stop it. Each day he learns so much...he is a different baby than the child I put to bed the night before. It is bittersweet for me. I cry often.

Dentist side 1

dentist side 2
These pages were a lot of fun for me:)
Small story:
Today Jaxson woke up from his nap and I could hear him calling for me from his crib..."Mommy...Honey...Good morning!"
I ran downstairs, flipped on the light, swept him up in my arms and started singing my "Good Morning...Good Morning song" in the cheesiest tone I could muster up:)
I brought him upstairs and plopped him on the couch next to me...hoping he would sit still while I finished editing some pictures of the temple that I had taken. He started to fidget and beg to go outside to see the "heli-cocters". To distract him I asked if he wanted to see a picture of a puppy! I opened up google....and as I did he turned to me...grabbed my cheeks between his chubby little hands and said "NO mommy...I see the TEMPLE. It's Jesus' Home."
I was a proud mommy today.
Who may or may not have cried for a few minutes.
Then realized how lucky I am to raise such an innocent and sweet little spirit.
I'm so glad he knows what I know.


Jessie said...

I love looking at your blog!! Your little boy is so adorable! You guys have such a cute little family!!

Brittany Shields is a dear friend of case you were wondering how I found you, we grew up in the same town.

Bryce & Brittany said...

What a cute story! I tell ya, that kid's a genius!! I had a hard time picking out a birthday present for him because he just seems to smart for the 2 year old toys!:) I can't wait to see you guys tomorrow!! The party's going to be fun!!