Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I am.....

I was tagged by Ginger forever ago...and I am just getting around to doing it!

I am: Happy, a perfectionist, obsessed with holidays and often misunderstood!
I think: I'm always right :)
I know: I need to stop stressing or I'll die WAY too young:)
I want: To go on a cruise with my husband!
I have: One stinking cute little boy!
I dislike: Paying taxes and car trouble
I miss: Omaha! My friends, my apartment, my husband being a student, Jaxson's nursery. MISS IT ALL.
I fear: Jaxson getting hurt. Mainly choking. I have a major phobia of choking.
I feel: Blessed
I hear: SILENCE. Jaxson just went donw for a nap...it's me time:)
I smell: EVERYTHING. Jarom has nicknamed me super-sensors because I can Smell anything...anytime. I have a super sensitive nose.
I crave: Nielsen's frozen custard, cafe rio salad, and kisses!
I cry: A lot less than I used to:) I think it may be the fact that I will be celebrating my 5th annivesary soon and I am totally used to marital spats. They used to bug me...now I laugh.
I usually: Have a million To-DO lists. I love them and cannot live without one.
I search: For ANYTHING fun for Jaxson! I have a weakness for buying him things. I justify it because it's not for me...
I wonder: What Jaxson will be like when he grows up AND what it would be like to have ZERO school loans.
I regret: Not being more affectionate. I am not a hugger...or a touchy person...AT ALL. I LOVE people...but don't want them touching me:)
I wish: I lived in my own house. I NEED MY OWN SPACE SOON:)
I love: Jaxson's scrunched nose smile and giggle, Jarom's sense of humor, every single holiday, traditions, decorating, cleaning and organizing!
I care: about hurting people's feelings.
I always: Spend money on stuff for "my house" and I don't even have one! Make daily to-do lists and make my bed.
I worry: about EVERYTHING. I am changing this right now by the way. I worry about death...I worry about Jaxson choking or not getting read to enough. I worry that I have hurt someone's feelings or that we'll never pay off our student loans. I am a worrier..and it's not fun. So I'm going to stop.
I am not: showered or ready for the day...and it's 2:00. Man, I love being a stay at home mom!
I remember: everything about Jaxson. I remember every little detail about his life...where he's been, what I did with him on all the different holidays, etc.
I believe: in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (good one ginger)
I sing: Jaxson to sleep every afternoon....and in the car.
I don't always: tell people how much I appreciate them or love them. I have a hard time showing affection....but it doesn't mean I don't think/feel it.
I argue: Like nobody's business! I totally rock at arguing...and wonder why the debate team wasn't my club of choice in high school. Jarom will agree. He has given it a good shot in our last 5 years...but to no avail.
I win: All arguments with my husband.
I lose: All games I play with my husband. He's freakishly smart and good at everything.
I write: All the time! I have a degree in Journalism...and love to write. I do it mainly to VENT. Whenever I am upset...I sit down and can type 5 pages in a just a few minutes. It feels so good to write.
I listen: To my baby giggle....and I love it.
I don't understand: Politics...at all.
I can usually be found: on a walk, at the park or at Target.
I need: to live in my own house SOON:)
I forget: Hardly anything. My to-do lists help with that!
I am happy: When Jarom comes home from work everyday!
I tag- Brittany, Maranda, Erin, Krista, and Marcie!


Sharida said...

Funny how we read things when we really seem to need them. I'm having one of those days today so Thank You so much for sharing this!! It helps to sit back and realized just how blessed you are.

Pam said...

The only thing that surprised me was that you aren't a touchy person. I will have to keep that in mind because I hug EVERYONE. Maybe I should be less touchy:) So I have a weird question, how did you wean Jaxson. Sadie loves it and I don't know what to do. And your first post made me think, I need to enjoy my kids more. Sometimes it is so hard when you feel like all you are doing is cleaning up. But I too am trying to just enjoy every moment.

Bryce & Brittany said...

I love that I knew pretty much all of that about you but it was still fun to read! And did you notice that you mentioned needing a house to yourself twice!:)