Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Jaxson hosted his first party last week!
A Halloween Cookie Party...and we had a blast.
Picture Below: Jaxson before his guests arrived. Just waking up from a beatifully LONG nap....eating mac'n cheese...and watching mom do all the work:)

Is he not getting insanely chubby???

I think this picture is just hysterical! He is dazed...still half asleep...being force-fed a horribly unhealthy lunch...and (in desparate need of a haircut)...yet he still managed to give me a smile. sweet.


I Love to make sugar cookies for the various holidays...Halloween, Christmas, Valentines Day....I always do it and love the tradition. After blog hopping the other day I realized that I would be a wonderful mother if I let Jaxson in on the fun! Why don't I think of these things??? I still picture him as my these ideas never cross my mind:).


I decided that we'd make a day of it and invite his little friends over for some fun.


I need to do these things more often. It was so simple...and FUN...and Jaxson just loved it. He was soooo into helping me prepare the goodie bags. I was laughing so hard. He loves to be helpful lately...and stuffing those baggies full of candy was the highlight of his day. I wonder what his daddy would think of all this?!? Party planning and preparations:)

Honey...if you're reading this...jax is a wonderful dancer too :0

We dance around the bedroom EVERY SINGLE MORNING...and he's gettin pretty darn good!

goodie bags


jax and bella

We love all these kiddos...and there mom's! They are all so adorable...and it was fun having them over. As you can see...they took it VERY seriously and were all "hard at work" for almost an hour! They each decorated a bat, a pumpkin, a ghost, and a cat. It was a succes.


The masterpieces!!!

They looked absolutely delicious. If you're in the age group of 1-6.


The whole crew!

This is where I branch out on a tangent for a moment....and discuss things completely unrelated to the above post:) Here goes:
Jaxson John you are are getting so big...and I can't stand it! Did you know that I am buying you 3T shirts...and you're only 19 months old. Where has my little baby gone? Or even my toddler? Slow down...your growing up way too fast and it's completely unfair.
You are simply hysterical right now. I find myself getting out the video camera several times a day to document your craziness:) Me and your dad just love it. Lately you think anything gross is so super funny. For example, TOOTING. toot regularly and just laugh and laugh til you can't breath. You think you are the funniest person ever when you toot. Me and dad have been making toot noises with our mouth for weeks now...just to hear that contagious little giggle of yours! We can't get enough. Yesterday you decided that stinky breath was the funniest thing ever. You went to kiss daddy and he told you that you're breath was stinky. You about died laughing. For the next hour you would squeeze his cheeks between those chubby little hands of your mouth wide...and exhale right into daddy's nose. Where do you learn this stuff???? You are such a goof.
And a total boy:)
Tonight you couldn't sleep. I rocked you and talked to you and kissed your forehead. You gave me a kiss back and it shocked me. I started laughing and shouted "ouch!". The look on your face was priceless. We now know you love to inflict pain as well:) Yep...all BOY. You continued to kiss me...and I continued to scream "ouch ouch ouch" every... single... time...and you giggled for an hour straight. We stayed up late cuddling and giggling...and I will never forget it.
You are becoming attached to me again...hallelujah and it's about time! You loved me to death and would cling to me and slobber me with kisseds when you were 9 months old and NURSING:) Since you've stopped you've taken more to your daddy. How Rude! GOOD NEWS THOUGH.....Daddy called me last night after he took you from me....just to let me hear you cry "mama mama" into the phone. I didn't think it would ever broke my heart and made me Jump for joy all at the same time!!! You are SO in love with your daddy...I was beginning to think you didn't love me one single bit!
I was wrong....thank goodness :) :)
You are just the highlight of our lives. I feel blessed to be your mommy and consider myself lucky to nurture your special little spirit.


steph said...

that is the cutest idea! a cookie party. i will have to try that one out. that is, if i can pull myself together for a whole day to pull it off. jaxson is a babe! i love your stories about him. what a crack up!

Ericson Fam said...

Hey thanks Kristin for having all of us over. It was so fun and pics turned about so cute. I love when you talk about Jax he is such a sweet boy!

The Wells Family said...

LOL! You should have seen our cookie party yesterday! Toddlers are a handful with sugar cookie frosting...once they actually STOPPED eating the frosting and put it on the cookies! Bobby has a little fetish with glitter and sprinkles. I turned for a second and he had dumped a whole bottom of green sprinkles on his cookies. Nice. And then one little girl smooshed her cookies together and made a sandwich and ate like it. Ahhh..silly kids! Your little friends were much more coordinated than ours. :)

Maranda said...

What a great idea! Looks like the kids had a lot of fun. It was good to see you guys last week. I'm glad we got that chance. Jaxson is getting so big and so cute. Thanks so much for the gift you gave me. It will definetely be put to good use.

Hickmanbunch said...

very cute pics, you have a talent. Thanks for inviting us over, my kids had so much fun. You are a cute and FUN mom.

The McClellan Family said...

Oh - I wish you were still here so you could put on some of your amazing parties for us:)

Bryce & Brittany said...

What a fun little cookie party! I'm impressed little house mom!:) Looks like the kids had a blast! I love that Jaxson is getting a little chubby, he looks so dang cute!

Emmett and Ashlee said...

He is not chubby, but he is so adorable. Cute ideas. Looks like a fun party.

Sharida said...

You are such a cute mom! Your always doing the funnest things with your little fam. And those cookies look absolutely delicious! Great idea! Maybe I can pull things together for Christmas Cookies.

Mauressa said...

Hey! Jaxson looks so cute in his costume! I'm so glad that you commented on our blog, because we get so stinkin busy that I forget to keep up with everyone, and I need to do better! Things are going great. I'd have to say the second year is worst than the first. He's never ever home (I guess being pregnant and having a 3 and 1 year old helps out too!) but we are still loving it. It's so much easier to go through with your friends in the same situation. We'll have to talk soon about 'life after law school'... is there such a thing? Will this ever end? Just kidding. Let's talk soon!

Paul + Taylee said...


I just love it all. Your too fun of a mom!