Monday, October 27, 2008

any ideas? cause the "usual" won't work on this one

I have recently become enthralled with the Nie Nie Diaries. Oh, how I love Stephanie. Those Nie Nie readers out there know exactly what I mean....and undoubtedly feel the same. She is so inspiring, sweet and completely romantic. I read daily...just waiting for her to awaken and start posting again. I read about her love for her husband and her children...and as I sit and cry....I think "I feel the same!"
I love my husband...I cherish the simple things...I love motherhood.
Nothing else matters.
Reading Nie's blog helps me realize how quickly things can change. Instantly things could be different. I take so many "instants" or moments for granted. I hugged Jarom 20 times today and Smothered Jax with kisses. I am indebted to Nie...and I am certain that through people's unbearable challenges....others are touched and completely changed for good. Their eyes are open...and they have the opportunity to learn and change because of it. Nie gave me this opportunity.
Reading her blog also brings to my attention just how UNROMANTIC I am after 5 years of marriage! Wow....have I lost it?
I am stumped. My 5th anniversary is coming up...and I am lost at what I can do and/or purchase that will reflect how I feel! I am begging for help from those creative romantics out there!
What do you get your husband for your 5th wedding anniversary???
This anniversary seems like such a big one. One in which the usual card and date night won't suffice. Do you agree? It has me thinking... "what did we do with all that time?"..."It feels like we just met!" and...."Is that all...only 5 years? Feels like it's been F.O.R.E.V.E.R." all at the same time. HA HA.
I have been racking my brain the past few it is quickly approaching and I am left with not one single idea! The time is ticking and I am feeling the pressure. Jarom and I have never been much into Gifts. We actually have come up with quite the system. It works well for us anyway. It plays out as follows:
1-I go shopping.
2-I buy things that I like and or want.
3-I wrap them and tie a beatiful bow around each one!
4-I adorn it with a tag that reads To: My wife, From: Jarom.
5-I open it....turn and kiss him and thank him.
6-He stares at me blankly and giggles.
We are both VERY practical and I hate to use the word Boring...but that's most likely the perfect word to describe it. Darn. I hate boring people. He deserves SO much...and yet I can't think of ONE thing that will do the job.
My main question is: how do you tell somebody (that's not just a somebody)...who happens to be your bestest friend and companion for life "Thank you".
*Thank you for still loving me even though I slapped you that one time.... when I was 8 months pregnant and seriously unfairly overwhelmed with hormones:)
*Thank you for putting up with my crazy ideas...AND thinking there intelligent and sweet.
*Thank you for driving me everywhere...simply because I LOVE your company (and I'm stubborn and refuse to learn directions).
*Thank you for staying up late with me...listening to me cry about tragic things that I've read or seen on TV....(always talking me through it and helping calm me) then begging me not to read and/or watch sad things. :)
*Thank you for reminding me regularly of our true purpose and goal here on earth. I love it...and believe me...I know I'm lucky.
*Thank you for helping me see through those who try and hurt instead of uplift. Most of us get so easily lost in the unimportant details of life...but not you. I love that.
*Thank you for always making me feel beautiful, safe, smart and like a wonderful attentive mother.
*Thank you for supporting my constantly changing desires to work....or go back to school...or stay home with our baby! Always encouraging me to do what makes me happy.
*Thank you for embracing my sassiness!
*Thank you for listening. To my goals, fears, annoyances and pet peaves, to-do lists, dreams, and strongest desires.
*Thank you for always being able to EASILY put my problems and troubles into perspective. Immediately. You are perfect at this....and I envy it in every way.
*Thank you for being so selfless. You never whine...never complain....never have poor-me days. It's amazing...and I've never met anyone else like it. I want to adopt this habit in the worst way!
The list could go on...and I'm sure most woman out there could compose a similar list about their hubby. I'm more convinced than, after 5 perfect yet challenging years...that opposites attract. Every void I have...he fills perfectly. (I hope that doesn't mean that everything I have previously an area in which I fall short:) That's for another post I guess:)
So, I am desparately curious for some ideas!?!?
(I've been hearing rumors that he has something in the works....
so I gotta hurry and get creative.)


Erin said...

This sounds completely random and maybe scary or weird to you, but when me and john got married we went on a hot air balloon ride in Park City. I thought it would be so scary but it was amazing getting up so early in the morning and seeing the sun rise while we were above the clouds. Also the balloon pilot said he took his wife up in a balloon and proposed to her up there with a cute dinner and "champagne." That would be something romantic and cool at the same time. I think it cost us about $150 to do it. It might be a little bit more if you want to go up with just yourselves and the pilot guy but it was amazing!

I know that sounds random but I just thought I would put that out there. Also me and john are going on a cruise in April for johns graduation and our 5 year anniversary so for our actual anniversary we want to do something but not spend a whole lot of money on it. I think we are just going to get a babysitter for overnight and go to a really nice restuarant and then go back home to our own house without the kids and then just hang out the next day and watch a t.v. series of something. That probably sounds boring to everyone else but I am NEVER in the house by myself and NEVER get to go shopping or anything by myself or with just john so to me that is a dream come true to just be in my house by myself without the kids! You could also do this and go up to the Anniversary Inn in Logan and stay in their Oriental themed room. it has an AMAZING HUGE red tub with a big T.V. so you could watch some Baseball or something. :) I'm sure Jarom wouldn't oppose to watching sports while sitting in a romantic red tub with his wife!! Hope this helps.

Isn't it crazy that 5 years has already passed?! It seems like we both just got married!

toYn fAmiLy said...

Kristin... Matt and I were laughing about how you guys do presents cus thats about exactly how we do it! Ha ha :0 anyway thank you so much for feeling out that paper for me!

Bryce & Brittany said...

I honestly have no ideas!! I'm not romantic at all and neither is Bryce so I don't think I'm going to be able to help you out on this one. I know you'll think of something, you're very creative. Good luck!:)