Monday, September 22, 2008

...a little of everything...

First things first: my baby turned 18 months old and is officially a Nursery-goer!

I was emotional of course....but he loves it and was instantly kissing and hugging his teachers:) Now that he knows there is a room dedicated entirely to toys and food....I'm confident Church will be a much better experience for all three of us!


Sept 7th 2008


I can't believe how old he looked! It was such fun day. We loved getting to see him get so excited to interact and play with other kids and secure enough to let us leave him....I was pretty proud of him.
18 months

Jaxson's First Project:)

I have a feeling I'll be buying several scrapbooks over the years to hold them all. There will be plenty more to come I'm sure. It said, "Jesus gave us Flowers"....and it was darling.

My dad keeps teasing me by saying, "I'm sure he made it ALL BY HIMSELF KRISTIN!".

Whatever. It's pinned on the fridge and will be for A LONG TIME:)



Over Labor Day Weekend Jaxson went to visit my Aunt Lana for several days. Throughout this time they introduced him to the "Dum Dum Sucker". My life is now filled with these little treats...which includes finding half-eaten ones hidden in the most creative of places.

dum dums
My problem with dum dums is I AM PETRIFIED that Jaxson is going to choke. They are tiny...and according to my opinion the PERFECT size to clog his little throat. Don't laugh...I am totally serious. SO---I taught him that we only suck on them long enough for the top of the stick to become soggy from his drool. At that time...we dispose of it...and try a new flavor!

ha ha....I guess I asked for it. They are sticky little buggers....and HE NEVER FORGETS which cupboard they are hidden in.



See...I have created a monster.



Or WITH one...and CLOSE to the other

So-Jaxson is thoroughly enjoying living by his grandma's. That was the hardest part about having my child so far away. I felt like he wouldn't get to know them or have a relationship with them. I am so grateful we got to come back close to home and family...because having Jaxson spend time with them is super important to me. Jaxson is the highlight of ALL of their lives... and by ALL I mean 7 aunts and uncles and 4 grandparents. He is ridiculously most kids are.


In the past 10 days....between his two grandma's...he has accumulated quite the display of toys and treasures.

First: Grandma Bishop called and told me she bought him a Jeep. I figured that she meant a hand held toy car....or remote control possibly (?). Nope. Jaxson is in heaven and now has his very own "Vroom Vroom" to drive all over the yard. It is hilarious to watch. We showed up and it was a POWER WHEEL. He has no clue how to steer and we thought he wouldn't be old enough to figure it out...(they are made for three years and up). He jumped in... pushes on the gas with his little toes....knows exactly how to put the thing into drive AND reverse. It is priceless and provides hours of entertainment for both Jaxson and all who watch him:) Thanks Grandma B.

power wheel



I had to throw this one in. He is Still obsessed with Ball....and is laughed at WHEREVER we go because of it. The other day in Sam's Club we happened to walk by a display of footballs. He freaked. To avoid a scene...I quickly handed him one. He wanted it out of the box. So I (this is so bad) unwrapped it with absolutely no intention of buying it and gave it over. He then screamed and screamed to get out of the cart. I am a I let him out and he immediately took off. At this point we had about 4-5 people as an audience. I began to chase him. He ran several isles back acting like he knew exactly where he was going. I'm running after him thinking, "he is 18 months's like a maze in does he know where he's going?" He ran all the way down to a huge basketball hoop display and began to throw the football in the air and through the hoop. I about died. So did the audience. How in world did he know that hoops was there? He seriously must have seen it 10 mintues earlier as I was browsing that isle...remembered it... and simply wanted to shoot some hoops.

He's Obsessed. His dad is proud.


Grandma B. ALSO fell in love with this huge (most softest) teddy bear and of course, got it for Jax. He loves it and even though it is 3 times his size...he hooks it around the neck with his arm and carries it everywhere. He loves to lay on it and snuggle it. He absolutely LOVES to give it kisses on the nose.


Grandma Nat surprised him with these cute new Pj's last week...and LOTS of candy corns....his new favorite treat.

I also mentioned to Grandma Nat that I wanted to get Jax a Magnadoodle for Christmas. Wrong move. She came home with one THAT day. She thinks he NEEDED it for Church and while riding in the carseat. I made a note to not give her any more of my Christmas ideas.

And last but not least would be "puppy". Jaxson is learning all the animal sounds right now...and when Grandma Nat heard him say "woof woof" she rewarded him with this! It sings songs, barks and drives REALLY fast all over the kitchen floor. Jaxson giggles and Loves chasing it!


I LOVE that Jaxson knows them all....and that we moved back JUST IN TIME for him to build a relationship with all of them.

I have the most wonderful 2 grandma's on earth...and I am so lucky that Jaxson's are pretty awesome as well! He is one lucky little guy.


The Wells Family said...

Ha Ha! Bobby has the SAME HUGE stuffed teddy bear. We call him "teddy". Bobby LOVES him so much. He sleeps, plays, and tries to feed him. In fact, they are cuddled right now on the catch watching a movie. Jax is a crack up!

Jessica Davis said...

Cute Sunday best dressed pics. I am in the nursery and it is so fun when new little ones come in. Especially when they love it too! It's always hard when they cry and don't want to be there. Love the jeep too. Looks like he's a cruiser!

The Christensens said...

You always have him dressed so cute, but thats to be expected look how cute his mom is!!!! Gunner loves suckers to, but oh i hate how sticky they get! Why do they have to be so messy......And btw,I am not skinny, but thanks, I work my but off everyday and feel like it makes no difference LOL

Bryce & Brittany said...

Oh the toys!! You are not going to have anything left to think of getting Jaxson for Christmas!! You spend a lot less on entertainment for Jaxson now that "the grandma's" have taken control of that department. I think it's great! I love the picture of him in his Jeep leaning forward like he knows exactly where he's going!:) What a cutie!

Paul & Taylee said...

Ok these pictures crack me up! HA! Jaxson's little, I assume, "First Day of School" pictures are perfectly perfect. Did he do those little man poses by himself!? I love it. He is a stud in the making!

nicci said...

yay for nursery! i cannot wait until the day jace gets to go to nursery, i will be a much happier church goer when that day comes =) he's such a cutie, and i love his church outfit!

Kyle and Janel said...

sweet ride jaxson! And he looks spiffy in his sunday outfit! Cute!

Tanya said...

You take such cute pictures! He is darling, you dress him so very cute! He does look like a big boy in those nursery pictures. But how exciting that he went-Maci is know loving nursery but she will be going to sunbeams in January!

Carin said...

I love looking at your blog! Jaxson and Zenock are always doing the exact same things. Also, we must go shopping on the same day and same places, because I swear they have identical wardrobes also. Too funny! (Too bad we couldn't do it together, right?!)Jaxson is such a cute kid! How fun to be able to be so close to two grandparents. :)

BRITT said...

He is seriously so cute. I love his church outfit. So Cute. Hopefully someday I will get a boy!

Triumph and Roxxi said...

How funny. He truly is adorable. And I know what you mean about that Dog toy. Reign has the same one and laughs at it all the time.